Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exercise Plan : 1 February - 7 February

Where did January go.....??

Monday :  Unpacking & recovering from the move
Tuesday :   Yoga (?), rowing/treadmill + strength training, Zumba managed to fit yoga in this morning - Woohoo
Wednesday :  Belly Dancing
Thursday :  Body Conditioning + strength training (another 'crash moment')
Friday :  Yoga
Saturday :  Rest Day + Weigh-in day
Sunday :  Emperors Palace Cycle Challenge 50 km's (?) DONE - Woohoo!!

Saturday morning weigh-in : 30 Jan

Down - 0.6 kg's / 1.3 pounds

Not as much as I had hoped for.  TOM did arrive so I'll see what happens next Saturday.

In the process of moving house.  FUN - never.  LOL

Back to normal soon - at least I'm connected to the net.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good's the....

**Finish line**

Tired, legs are sore and I'm heading to bed.  More about the race soon.

Hope you had a super weekend.  I did ((smile))

Exercise Plan : 25 January - 31 January

Monday :  Swimming (gym)
Tuesday :  Yoga, Rowing/Treadmill + Strength Training + Zumba (evening)
Wednesday :  Belly Dancing (evening)  **FUN**
Thursday :  Rowing/Treadmill + Strength Training
Friday :  Move house +Yoga
Saturday :  Move house
Suning :  Move house

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday morning weigh-in

Very good news!!

**I'm down 2kg's (4.4 pounds)**

I'm very happy with that - I worked hard for it and all the hard work paid off :-))  I focused on strength training, yoga and some dance in the form of Zumba and Belly Dancing.  I cycled last Sunday and had a spinning session on the Saturday.  Today I won't be Spinning as I am completely resting for tomorrows cycle race - The Fast One = 103 km / 64 miles

Have a super weekend....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Belly Dancing

It finally happened, after wanting to go forever and I mean forever, I finally managed to get to my first Belly Dancing class this evening. 

The Verdict :


This is what I'll be doing on Wednesday evenings from now on.  The HR monitor is left at home and this is JUST FOR ME!!  For enjoyment, for pleasure, for fun, for falling in love.....(and I mean with my body not anybody else, oh-kay!!)

I love the moves and I love how it makes me feel - and the added PLUS - it has made me more determined to lose the weight.  At the moment I'm the, uhmmm, largest woman in the class but I was never made to feel fat - all the woman were extremely helpful and supportive - I enjoyed it so much that I'm seriousley going to be wishing my week away...LOL  okay maybe not - we have to move next weekend and who likes to do that.  NOT ME, I can tell you that. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Official weigh-in for 2010

This weekend I bit the bullet and headed to my first Weigh Less weigh-in for the year, up until then I'd been trying to avoid it at all costs.   The news was not that bad considering my last official weigh-in was 28 November 2009.  I am up 1.2 kg's (2.64 pounds) - not earth shattering but frustrating none the less because I know if I had just stuck to the plan I'd be lots more down than any up at all.

This week I have another BIG cycle race.  I'm very apprehensive about it because of letting things slide over December.  I rode to gym yesterday and although not great I didn't feel as bad as I thought I was going to and I even managed a Zumba class once I got there.  <>

Have a super week - don't just be good, BE BRILLIANT!!


Exercise Plan : 18 January to 24 January

Here goes....

Monday :  30 min rowing + Spinning (did not go as well as I planned - legs VERY tired)
Tuesday :  Yoga, 10 min treadmill + strength training + Zumba (evening)
Wednesday :  Belly Dancing (evening)
Thursday :   strength training
Friday :  Yoga
Saturday :  REST DAY
Sunday :  The Fast One - CYCLE Race - 103 km's (64 miles)

We're back on track.  Yesterday I cycled to gym - OMG!!  but I survived.  LOL  I enjoyed being back on my bike :-)) 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I love my Yoga - I really do!!

Last night after many, many attempts everything came together and we finally got back to our favourite Yoga class.  It felt really good, so good that I wonder if I'll be able to brave early morning traffic after dropping the boys off at school to try and get to the 8am class on Tuesday mornings.

I was able to go further with some poses and my flexibility has definitely improved.   Not only that but Lynn commented on my calves and how strong they are - yeah, they are taking shape, I guess that is from all the cycling :-))  I have no worries about my legs currently but I definitely have to/need to work on my upper body.  Then she spotted my tattoo - where clearly my rebel status in the world has been noted.  LOL  I love my tat :-))

Lynn will also be starting a Pilates class at the gym - I cannot wait for that.  We have many Yoga and Pilates instructors but sometimes you click with just one.  Lynn is very supportive and helpful and has truly helped me with my journey.

Gym this week has come together.  Having 2 sessions with April has definitely helped.  My body is feeling great and I mean that.  Not doing much over December and most of November I could feel myself going soft in places - thankfully my body has no problem with catching up to where we should be.  Relief - although I will admit to feeling very tired on some days :-))  With back 2 school, changes in routine and sticking to the gym schedule as much as possible, I expected *tired* to creep on me somewhere. 

This morning I will go to my Weigh Less group and officially weigh in for the year - I know it will show a gain and I am ready for it.  Next week both diet and gym will be on track :-))  I am determined.

Next week I also have a BIG race - 103 km's (64 miles).  It is considered to be a fast and flat race - I'm going to give it my all :-))

Have a super weekend.  I know I'm going to.  The good news being that I am going to fetch my car this morning.  Yipppeeeeeeee

Back soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A day off....

Today was Back 2 School day in Gauteng and I think the rest of South Africa.  Private and Government schools, as well as Provinces synchronizing because of the Soccer World Cup happening in our Country this year.  The idea is that all the schools will take a break while the tournament is on in the hopes of alleviating traffic on the roads - well, that is if all the road works are completed by then, if not, I doubt our roads will be travel friendly - congestion wise, that is.  

I didn't end up at gym today.  Nope - it ended being a day off.  By the time we got Brad settled in at school I wasn't feeling up for travelling in 'hellish' traffic to get to gym.  I have to work out a decent mid morning time to get to gym and back home before fetching the kidlets from school.

What is usually a short 15 - 20 minute trip to the gym can turn into an 01hr30min affair to get there and then same to get home depending on traffic.  That is why I want to avoid going to the gym at peak hours - it is just not worth the stress caused by being stuck in traffic.

The good news is, is that Brad has settled in nicely and loves his class mates and teacher.  He is also keen on extra-murals and has decided to give Cricket and Hockey a go.  Anyone wanting to sponsor a hockey stick and ball??  Just kidding....but **sigh** I just had to spend another R550.00 on his PE (physical education) clothes.

I'll definitely be back on track tomorrow as I have a fun strength training session ahead of me - got to love April. 

Back soon.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm loving it...

I'm slowly getting back into the gym routine.  Woohoooo!!  I definitely missed going as often as I used to.  Crazy, I know. 

April came to me with a brilliant deal and I'm back training with her twice a week.  I get my cardio in and then I spend 30 minutes with her and I know I will see a difference because I could feel a difference when training with April this morning.  Having someone push, motivate you and kick your a$$ is all good.  LOL

Tomorrow is a BIG day for me.  Bradley is going back to school.  No more homeschooling for us.  This means that both Brad and Josh will be at their respective schools in the mornings which means I have time for me.  I can hit gym in the mornings, clean house and do shopping and oh, the shopping will be heaven as I won't be carting along some whine....LOL

I've also been trying out these spinning workouts, I've tried one so far and I'm in love.  You can find them over here at this blog  This is a huge help because mid morning, the time I want to be at gym there are no Spinning classes and these are perfect.  I also have the whole Spinning Studio to myself - FUN!!

The journey continues.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Exercise Plan : 11 Jan - 17 Jan

Monday morning : 30 min spinning + 30 rowing + maybe yoga (no time 4 yoga)
Tuesday morning : 30 min rowing + strength training + cycling at the Kyalami Race Track - evening - no cycling because of back to school tomorrow, schedule is crazy!!
Wednesday morning : 1 hr spinning workout + 30 min rowing + swimming  ended up with a DAY off, it was Back 2 School day today and I just chilled :-)
Thursday morning : 30 minute rowing + Strength training + cycling at the Kyalami Race Track - evening (did not happen - still in a get settled into a routine mode with school :-)
Friday :  Yoga - Vinyasa Flow (evening) WoW!!  I love my yoga :-))
Saturday : Spinning (45 min class) + 30 min rowing no rowing
Sunday : Cycle to gym + Zumba + Pilates (will see how I feel later on)

** HR levels for spinning + rowing to be kept between 60% - 65% except when Spinning in a class situation

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

About that black hole of despair!!

(me, on our lil' holiday - reading Around Africa on my Bicycle by Riaan Manser)

It was great getting away for a few days and just relaxing, well, as much as you can while camping.  The weather did not play fair sometimes and on 2 of the nights we experienced very bad storms with terrible wind.  Wind and tents do NOT like each other.

So if you haven't figured it out yet, I sort of fell off the wagon.  My black hole just grew and grew and I lost faith in me.  I've discovered how easy it is to fall into old habits - habits which are hard to break.  Coke made it's way back into the house.  It came in slow and then just poured in - those 2L bottles just kept coming and coming and all willpower was gone.  It has been BANNED from the house - once again.   It is my achilles heel - but geesh - it made me feel like cr@p!!  There were times I felt so dehydrated after drinking it - that only showering or bathing gave me relief from the dry feeling - my body wasn't craving coca-cola but water instead and here I was guzzling down anything but good ol' H20.  Soon after the coke, the carbs started.  They came in Christmas Mince Pies and all other yummy christmasy goodies - bad, bad, bad!!  The fruit and veg took a back seat in this drama.  Everyday I told myself that I had QUIT (more about that further down) - I found every excuse not to ride my bike, head to gym or look after myself.  I kept telling myself that it was okay when it was not!!

I am slowly getting back on plan.  I am getting into the swing of things at gym and I've been missed - sadly, that makes me feel special - but HEY, I was missed.

So why the black hole.  Do you remember my big race - the 94.7 that I never finished.  I did just under 80km's and just couldn't finish - I was finished.  I knew that I had given it my all, I had been in the saddle for over 6 hours, my back hurt, my right hand hated me and trying to get on the bike was proving difficult.  I know I did well and just finishing 80km's after training on a bicycle for 4 months prior is nothing to scoff at BUT here I was hating myself.  I was a quitter!!  Through the rest of November and right through December we travelled alot on that stretch of road and frequently went under the bridge where I said that that was it - I couldn't even if I wanted to.  A constant reminder that YES, I had QUIT!! 

I just wanted a break - I didn't want to think about riding my bike, getting to gym or even what healthy meal to eat next - I just wanted what every kid doesn't.  I wanted a TIME OUT!!

Luckily not too much damage was done - and getting back on track has not been difficult.  The next 94.7 is 11 months away.  This time I'll be better prepared.

The journey of finding my skinny me continues and by having that one goal so many other's are achieved.  This is a journey and there will be bumps in the road, it is how I handle those bumps that will make the difference......

Enjoy the journey!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Exercise Plan : 4 Jan - 10 Jan

There are going to be BIG changes this year and one of those is that I will now be able to attend gym in the mornings while the boys are at school.  My focus is to lose weight and tone.  Be it right or wrong I have cut down training at the track (cycling) quite drastically and I'm moving myself into the gym again with the hopes that losing weight quicker will be more beneficial to my cycling.  To use the races I have entered early this year as training rides and as time in the saddle.

Monday morning : 30 min spinning + 30 min rowing + arms & abs
Monday afternoon : Yoga (did not happen thanks to plumber arriving late!!)
Tuesday morning : 30 min spinning + 30 min rowing + legs (plumbing issues cont.  no gym)
Wednesday morning : Spinning (45 min class) + 30 min rowing + arms & abs
Thursday : Spinning (45 min class) + 30 min rowing + legs
Friday : 30 spinning + 30 min rowing + circuit + Yoga (evening) (dinner with my sister and fam - reason for was fun!!!)
Saturday : Spinning (45 minute class) + 30 min rowing (HUGE hangover)
Sunday : Pilates Level 1

** HR levels for spinning + rowing to be kept between 60% - 65% except when Spinning in a class situation

11 Jan - 17 Jan

Monday morning : 30 min spinning + 30 rowing + arms & abs
Tuesday morning : Yoga + cycling at the Kyalami Race Track - evening
Wednesday morning : 30 spinning + 30 min rowing + arms & abs
Thursday morning : 30 min spinning + 30 minute rowing + legs + cycling at the Kyalami Race Track - evening
Friday : 30 min spinning + 30 rowing + circuit + Yoga (evening)
Saturday : Spinning (45 min class) + 30 min rowing
Sunday : Pilates

** HR levels for spinning + rowing to be kept between 60% - 65% except when Spinning in a class situation

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

2010 is at the door…Remember life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.