Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ice Skating

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Thursday, April 22, 2010


For M-Pax.

Biltong is cured meat and is much loved here in South Africa. Various meat is used to make biltong from beef to the various game found here in South Africa.  I much prefer beef :-))  I purchase the one that is almost fat free and is very yummy.  Makes for a great protein snack if I'm out and about.

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It's for life!!

I have been on this weight loss journey for just over a year now. To date I have lost about 16kg's but it has been hard work, many plateau's and months of utter frustration.

I constantly have to keep telling myself that while I am trying to lose fat at the same time I am building muscle. As well, around big cycling events I have no other choice but to do some carbo loading, unless I want to 'bonk' while cycling (basically run out of energy while doing a big race). I love going to gym and cannot see myself sitting at home not doing it - it has become so much a part of my life that it's hard not to envision not going.

All of these things affect the number on those scales. It has taken me a year to accept this but some days I still get frustrated even if I am aware of the ‘science’ taking place. The scale is rarely my best friend. But the changes I see in my body say more than a scale number could or should ever say. But here is the thing – nobody every wants to know what size clothing you’re wearing or how many sizes you have dropped. The big question is ‘how much weight have you lost?’ and ‘What does the scale say?” I hate these questions because I believe the scale never ever really tells the full story behind these journeys we embark on.

I chose the TF Weight Loss Programme because I got tired of constantly thinking about what to prepare, when to prepare, how to prepare for 3 meals a day, as well as 2 snacks while still trying to do everything else from being a mom and a wife. I liked the idea of paying a once off fee instead of a monthly fee to go and weigh-in and then still spending fortunes on all the foods I would need and sometimes having to prepare 2 different meals. And for the first time, the recipes are actually easy to do, taste great and the whole family enjoys them. I have not found this on any of the other programmes I have been on.

Some days I am concerned about the low carb part, especially with the amount of exercising I do but as I head into week 3, I can honestly say I am feeling great. The first week was hell and but I survived and it does get better. For cycling races I will need to carbo load but I believe as long as I make the BEST food choices, I will be okay. On the days that I really workout I do take in extra as well.

This is my ‘I REFUSE to feel GUILTY’ treat:

After cycling races we pull into a KFC for my Choc brownie Sundae treat. Most races I burn between 1 300 to 3 000 calories. I know I've worked hard for it. :D This is my strictly 'Not going to feel guilty' pleasure.

I’ll be honest I am not perfect at this. I cannot claim to be 100% on plan all the time BUT it is a stepping stone to healthy living and giving it my best. I would be fooling myself if I believed that once I had achieved goal weight that I could go back to old habits, give up gym and cycling because then I would just be back at square one.

And it is this : The MOST IMPORTANT information I can share with you about this journey. If you don’t learn or not prepared to work at it every day, even if you miss a step here or there - THEN why bother at all because you have learnt nothing. You will blame the weight loss programme and everyone else but at the end of the day, it is YOU who has failed yourself!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's working.....

Last week Wednesday :  90.1 kg's
This week Wednesday :  88.9 kg's

Loss = 1.2 kg's (2.4 pounds)

I'll be honest....

*  Sunday was not a brilliant food day - it involved decadence but I did not make a total glutton of myself. 

*  Peanut butter on a spoon has become my newest best friend.  When I need a pick-up and my energy levels are crashing - PB comes to the rescue. 

*  I had a slice of Black Forest cake on my birthday and then a leftover slice the following night. 

*  I snack on fruit and biltong before and after exercising - it seems to be helping. 

I am EXTREMELY happy with that.

I have resorted to my ol' faithful fibre to help keep things moving through this transition period and for the icky crampy, bloated feelings - Gastro Choice to the rescue.   Fortunately I was able to purchase this through our Medical Aid Savings which was a BIG help as it is not cheap 'come middle of the month' time.  Eeeek!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Me with my Best Friend Tanya

Part of the view

Birthday's are FUN!!  Although I must admit that this one was a quiet one.  The boys headed back to school today after their first term break and I once again had the house to myself and could settle back into my usual school day routine.

Josh was full of the beans this morning and came bouncing into the room to wake me up to wish me Happy Birthday and to hand over my gift.  He then had to rush off to wake up his brother so that I could open it up.  Sweethearts!!

On Sunday my BGF Tanya took me to the Westcliff Hotel for morning tea.  I had so much fun and it was really great just being with her and being able to just chat.  We haven't been able to do that since her mom's death.  This morning tea is quite an affair and thoroughly enjoyable.  The most gorgeous savouries, cakes, tartlets and scones with jam and fresh cream are served.  It was hard not to indulge but I behave myself.  There was also a variety of teas and coffees.

I even managed to get to gym today and attend a spinning class.  My heart was not in it and I ended up taking it easier than I usually do.  Let's just say my mind was everywhere else but on Spinning.  I still had fun.

Do I feel a year older.  Nah!!  LOL  At least this year I didn't have to share my birthday with the Easter Bunny.  Boy, does that dude get all the attention when your birthday ends up being on Easter Sunday.  LOL

On Wednesday I will have my first weigh-in with this specific diet I'm giving a try.  It's going great - I do worry sometimes that I'm not actually getting in enough but I am trying to play around with it a bit and adapt it where I can.  I definitely know that before a race and the day of a race that it would probably not be the best move to stick to it 100%.  I am suffering from lots of headaches which I believe is from detoxing - I hope they disappear soon.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  In all honesty I cannot wait for the next one.  I have a race ahead of me.  Woohoo!!  I'm looking forward to getting back onto my bike.  :-))


Sunday, April 11, 2010

This weeks exercise plan : 12 April to 18 April 2010

I'm back to doing these.  I find that if I don't write it down here, I don't hold myself accountable for some reason.  So here goes :

Monday :  Spinning
Tuesday :  Yoga + PT (Personal Training)
Wednesday :  Weigh-in + Spinning
Thursday :  PT
Friday :  Yoga
Saturday :  Rest Day
Sunday :  Wilro Cycle Challenge (40km)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Desperate times....

...call for desperate measures.

After ending up with a SERIOUS Easter HANGOVER, I've decided to take some very desperate measures.  Measures I swore I would never take, but enough is enough, and it's time to get tough with this matter of losing weight.

While out window shopping over the long weekend I stumbled onto a possible solution.  The weather has been miserable to a point that I started singing a Barney song 'Mr Sun - sun, Mr golden sun......' or something like that, needless to say we have had lots of rain.  With the boys on school break and adding to it some cabin fever for mom - these combined do not a good mixture make.

So!!  We walk past one of the BIG pharmacy retailers and there in the window in BIG FLASHING NEON lights (just kidding about those big flashing lights) is something that could potentially be my 'weight loss salvation'.  BUT - one wee teensy weeny lil problem - I scorn on such answers.  Now I'm desperate and so I went home, got onto the internet and started investigating...I liked what I was reading, could this diet be the kick up the patootie that I so desperately need!!  The costs don't seem that bad and with some tweaking, I am going to give this my best shot to drop some kilo's and hopefully quicker than I have been.

The argument I had with myself :

Two meals are replaced with shakes/soups with a third meal being made up of a protein and unlimited veg.  One of the replacement meals also includes a healthy serving of veg/salad.  There are also snacks (fruit).

Argument :  I have never believed that meal replacement shakes are the answer but here I am giving it a try. 

Some will agree, some will disagree and some will STRONGLY disagree...so I will tell you honestly that I have looked at this from every possible angle.

I know that this is not a way of life - I will have to get back to eating normally at some stage.

It is probably not the best solution but I have made my peace with it and I am giving it a try.

Once you have reached goal weight a maintenance plan is worked out.

March was a month I would really not like to think about ever again.  I was filled with indecision, couldn't decide on basic issues and would uhhmmm and ahhhh over the stupidist of things.   Just trying to think what to make for lunch (what to eat, what not to eat) utter frustration.  Stupid I know but those are the facts.  I ended up miserable, frustrated at everyone around me and worst was I didn't have the answers even though they were simple enough. 

For now this diet offers me some freedom from making FOOD decisions.  Breakfast and lunch are suddenly a breeze.  I no longer panic if I'm going to be out over lunch as there is the perfect solution in my bag nearby.  Most of my spinning classes are over lunch time and I got to the point of not wanting to do them as trying to work out lunch around them was getting too much for me.  Yes, stupid I know but those are the facts.  Trust me I'd end up in tears just thinking about it.   Then fetching one child and then another later - food was just constantly on my mind (what to eat, when to eat and WHAT to eat).  Trying to lose weight was becoming a chore!!

Now you are probably wondering why it should be a 'MISSION' - just prepare the meals and VOILA.  I wish I could explain it, but from 'VOILA' to 'confusion reigns', is what happened to me.  I'm not about to spend thousands on therapy to find out either.  After a year of everyday thinking about what to eat, how to prepare it, when to eat it got a bit much for me.  I need a break.

I'm sticking to healthing living but I have added these shakes/soups to the mix.  They make my life easier.  This plan offers healthy easy solutions to my workouts and so far so good.

Cooking is becoming enjoyable again - my meals tasty and healthy.  My mind is not filled with all the 'what if's'....

I know some of you might disagree but I hope you stick out this piece of the journey with me.


Working up a sweat at gym!

Time to say bye bye to the Easter hangover.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

See, touch and feel - real goals

March did not exactly go according to plan.  It was so off-plan that I don't think a plan even existed, as it turns out, there was a plan and that plan involved 'self-destruction'

When you're the person losing the weight it is sometimes hard to see how far you have come. 

Yesterday I looked at a photo of myself and OMG - I'm still fat.  But hang-on how bad did I look 16 kg's ago, when I wasn't gyming, when I wasn't cycling...when I wasn't working at it.  There is the 'OMG' factor and there is the 'putting everything in perspective' factor

Over the last weekend I tried on a pair of 'skinny' jeans and a size 18 fitted beautifully - WOW - cannot remember when I last fitted into a size 18.  Wake-up Call!!  Woohoooo!!  BUT - I did not buy the pair of jeans that made me feel like I was on top of the world that day.  Today that changed and I walked into the store and bought a size smaller - I bought the size 16.  This is a 'do or die' moment - those jeans will fit and soon.  All of a sudden I have a goal I can see, touch and feel.  It's real!!

How to keep that goal always in sight.  Well - it's my wallpaper/theme for my Blackberry.  Yep, the new addition in my life.  Love my Blackberry.