Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Constant struggle...

I'm not doing great at the moment - I feel like I'm losing the battle....time for a well needed pep talk!!

Right now each day is a struggle - a struggle to make the right choices.  Most of the time they are being made but not all of the time.  ((sad face))

I feel battered and bruised - I'm bullying myself.  I have only harsh words for myself when they should be words of praise.

I find myself talking myself out of goals - I am my own PERFECT....

Le Saboteur

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Most definitely got the t-shirt

First there was the...weekend indulgence!!

and then there was the......getting back on....

How many times do I have to go through this routine, the 'been there, done that and got the t-shirt' routine.  Apparently these hiccups will happen and sometimes often.  I live in comfort knowing that getting back on track happens easily enough.  These days if I fall of the 'diet wagon',  getting back on the 'straight and narrow' is NO problem at all.  Relief!!

Last weekend was a 'refined carb' weekend and my stomach hated me come Sunday evening.  It hated me through Monday and then through Tuesday, but by Wednesday it felt better.  I never want to experience that again.  It was the white bread rolls that got me, the little mini caramel swiss rolls and the home-made banana bread - we won't mention all the other great picnic goodies.

I have had some deep and worrying thoughts - hating myself for my own stupidity.  Why do I want to take 2 steps forward and then 1 step or more backwards on this journey.  I am only making this harder for myself.  This week has been a battle to lose what was gained from what was previousley lost.   Confusing huh!!  To think if I had behaved myself, guaranteed the scale would be a lot nicer to me on Saturday than it is going to be now.

I need to focus.  Yes, I do!!  You see I have set myself these goals and BIG ones they are.  Even as I right this a battle is going on in my head and it goes like this:

Bad me :  Just do the 70km's, you can do the 175km's next year.
Good me :  It's not about finishing but how far you get - you can do this.
Bad me :  No I can't, what was I thinking.
Good me :  Believe in yourself, you can do this.
Bad me :  You can finish 70 km's why do 175 km's.
Good me :  Do it!!

Some days focusing on everything that can go wrong just takes over, instead of focusing on the achievements no matter how big or how small. 

Entries opened for the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge and I have entered.  This will be taking place on the 21 November and this year I WILL finish it. 

I have attended 2 Spinning classes this week.  It feels great to back in the classes.  Now why did I leave - good question??  I'm just glad to be back.  It definitely helps me get my water in - through each session I drink about 1.5 litres.  Yippeee!!

Here's hoping that your week is on track or back on track.  Here's hoping that if like me you fall off the diet wagon, getting back on track is a breeze!!  Don't beat yourself up... oh okay,  I do beat myself up, let's try not to beat ourselves up too much.  That fact that when we fall, we can pick ourselves up, says so much already.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

96 Days to go - WCS

Previous weigh-in :  88.4 Kilograms
This weeks weigh-in :  88 kilograms
Loss :  0.4 kilograms

We have tickets....I swore blind that we would not be going to watch any of the games.  The fact that this family has no interest in soccer at all was a BIG part of the decision.  BUT - WCS fever is catching on ......well.... with most of the family members - hubby is still not keen at all.  I managed to get us tickets to the USA vs. Algeria game taking place at Loftus (not one of the new stadiums).   I think the atmosphere/vibe is going to be amazing although I am dreading the vuvuzelas - might need ear plugs for those.  LOL  They caused some controversy during the Confederations Cup that took place here not to long ago. 

Hubby managed to get me an official team shirt for SA - he opted to get a size smaller.  Sometimes I think he has more faith in me than I do.  So the above pic is the 'before' pic - we'll see what happens weight wise in about 3 months.  So many things are happening in 3 months time....

*  The FIFA World Cup Soccer
*  The Kremetart 175km Stage Race
*  Our Belly Dancing annual get together (July) - not only do I have to learn some dance routines but I need to fit into a costume that I'm HAPPY with - otherwise this bod will not be on any stage dancing.

The scale is still moving downwards although slooooooooowly!!!!  I know, I know - be happy - RIGHT!!  Can you see some impatience on my part creeping in.....

Have a super weekend........


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where have they gone??

I was at gym this morning and the Women's change room had significantly less women in it.  I could get my usual locker.  Get upstairs - not as busy.  Yoga - just us regulars.  The 'resolutionists' have quit, it appears.

It will be interesting to see if there is a difference in the attendance levels this evening.  Tuesday nights are baaaaaaad - they have been so bad that it is difficult to find parking.

This morning while doing yoga and then followed by a strength training session I got to thinking how I have been doing this for a year.  End November/December being the only time I really didn't go to gym that much.  I still love it and I still look forward to it.  I LOVE how it makes me feel - definitely a 'feel good' day after being to gym.  My routine constantly changes, even now I'm plotting new classes and changes to my routine because my cycling is slowing down - it is now time to kick A$$ and say goodbye to this FAT!! 

Here is me a year later, I think I've surprised a few people - including ME!! 

A year ago if you asked me if I would be cycling, 10 -1 I would have laughed at you.  You're kidding me - right!!  ME .... on a bike,  seriousley!!  I'm glad it's a door that I didn't keep shut.  I'm glad I peaked through it and opened it wider because I'm loving it...........................................

I don't shout YIPPEE when the gym quietens down - I'm sad because for whatever reason - peeps didn't fall in love with it, or it wasn't working for them or for whatever reason....I find them quitting - SAD!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Race report : Carnival City Macsteel Cycle Challenge 2010

Start Information:

Start Time (Official): 8:25:17

Start Time (Reel): 8:26:07

Distance: 65 Km

Category: Vets 30-39

Batch: CM

Finish Information:

Finish Time (Gross): 3:06:59

Finish Time (Net): 3:06:09

Avg. Speed (min/km): 2:52

Avg. Speed (km/h): 20.95

Race Positions:

Category (Gross): 52 out of 57

Gender (Gross): 192 out of 212

Over All (Gross): 617 out of 676

Category (Net): 52 out of 57

Gender (Net): 192 out of 212

Over All (Net): 617 out of 676

(does not include cyclists who rode without timing chips)

I had originally entered for the longer route - 103 km's but was not quite feeling up for another century so I dropped back to ride with my friend Sandi in the 65 km race.   We got there very early and had plenty of time to make our way to the start line - and this time I had breakfast.  Yippeee and I managed to get it all down.  Some yummy oats.

I took a big chance and tried some new energy gels - it is not reconmended to try any new products on race day.  With the shorter distance I decided it was worth the risk as I was treating this as a training ride anyway.  They worked fabulously and I'll definitely be using them in all my races.  I tried the GT Gels and Replenish Overdrive for hydration :  Form and fitness  

I loved the taste and not once did I feel queesy - my stomach definitely coped.  I will definitely be looking at the full range of products for supporting my races and training - especially with regards to my attempting the Kremetart 175 km Stage race. 

Back to the race - we started at about 08:25 (late start), the heat of the day already beating down on us.  We started on the right side and managed to wangle our way over to the left hand side - a much safer place to be.  30 minutes in and we made a quick stop to take our respective gels and take in some fluids (I really need to learn how to do this on the go).  I was really feeling strong and shortly after our stop I last Sandi - the wind proved challenging and slowed me down but thankfully my legs felt strong.  I wish I could say the same for my 'cookie' - a certain part of the anatomy that is in constant contact with the saddle.  OUCH!!  Fortunately for me, today I found a group of cyclists placing an order with a supplier in the UK and I quickly jumped on the bandwagon and ordered another saddle - hopefully this will help with the issues I have been having lately.

When we had about 20km's to go I wondered if I was going to quit due to the pain I was experiencing but I gritted my teeth - and focused on catching up to various riders in front of me.

I also somehow managed to drop my chain during the race which required me to keep my wits about me while I got it back on - thankfully it behaved mostly after that.

Hubby and sms'ed me that he had decided to catch a movie while I was out on the road - so instead of the quickie phone call to say that I didn't have far to go - I thought it was wise to let him enjoy his movie - he is my biggest supporter and deserved some timeout.  ((grin))  I crossed the finish line with hopes that I had finally done a sub 3 hour but alas when the results came out I was just over by 6 minutes.  Needless to say I was unhappy and kept trying to think where I could have pushed more - if I can avoid stopping to take the gels and fluids in that will be a huge save time wise.  The wind was also a factor, as well as the constant burning/sharp stabbing pains in my groin area with the saddle issues.  It might be time as well to check the set-up of my bike and to make double sure that everything is where it should be.  Maybe TMI but going to the loo had me bursting in tears - NOT GOOD at ALL!!

This is the saddle I am going to get :

It is the Madison L21Z Comfort Zone D2 Saddle

It has the following features :

A sporty saddle for women with a pressure relieving cutaway

• Built in flexi-rail support reduces vibration transmitted through the rails for the ultimate smooth ride
* Dual-density base with thermo-formed Kraton inserts provides soft andflexible support to the sit bones
• Specially designed Comfort Zone base helps to reduce pressure build up and discomfort around the sit tissues and organs for maximum comfort
• Strong, dependable 4130 Cr-Mo rails offer fantastic strength with little weight penalty
• Multi-density foam padding for cushioned comfort and effective shock absorption
• Vacuum bonded cover uses a special process which bonds the cover material to the base of the saddle without the use of staples or glue, giving a seamless finish and maximum durability

I didn't think I had managed to get too far ahead of Sandi and was surprised to find out that I had come in about 28 minutes ahead of her.  I thought that was a huge achievement as I consider Sandi to be a much stronger rider than me as she has been doing this a whole lot longer.

All in all I loved this race and I will definitely be putting it on my calendar for next year.

My next race is only 3 weeks time and then nothing until June and then it starts up again around September.  I will be putting my focus into losing weight and trying to lose it quicker than I have been.

As for Saturday's weigh-in, it was a nothing more and nothing less situation.  The scale didn't move in either direction which I guess is better than a gain.