Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Constant struggle...

I'm not doing great at the moment - I feel like I'm losing the battle....time for a well needed pep talk!!

Right now each day is a struggle - a struggle to make the right choices.  Most of the time they are being made but not all of the time.  ((sad face))

I feel battered and bruised - I'm bullying myself.  I have only harsh words for myself when they should be words of praise.

I find myself talking myself out of goals - I am my own PERFECT....

Le Saboteur


M Pax said...

What makes you feel fantastic? Warm & fuzzy? Sit and think about it. Let it fill you. Get good and comfy with that feeling.

Now when you make something healthy or make a good choice, call up that feeling and apply it to what you're doing. Look at healthy choices as your indulgence. Fill your plate with freshness & color. Food that's good for you can be just as exciting.

I was losing my workout mojo for a bit, but I got it back. By doing what I said. I applied that feeling when getting ready to work out.

It sounds dorky, but I find it a useful tool for myself.

MB said...

What would you say to your best friend if she were saying those harsh words to herself. Look in the mirror and tell "your friend" to stop beating herself up and try to focus on all the positive things you've accomplished and how far you have come.

Take care of yourself and kick Le Saboteur to the curb.

Sagan said...


I think that recognizing that you're bullying yourself is important. It's turning those negative thoughts to positive ones that's the next step (but you already know that).

You are STRONG. Every time you make the right choice, that IS a victory. It might seem like a small one, but it's the small ones that add up. We're all human and can't be perfect 100% of the time. Be proud of the times that you do make the right choices!