Thursday, March 11, 2010

Most definitely got the t-shirt

First there was the...weekend indulgence!!

and then there was the......getting back on....

How many times do I have to go through this routine, the 'been there, done that and got the t-shirt' routine.  Apparently these hiccups will happen and sometimes often.  I live in comfort knowing that getting back on track happens easily enough.  These days if I fall of the 'diet wagon',  getting back on the 'straight and narrow' is NO problem at all.  Relief!!

Last weekend was a 'refined carb' weekend and my stomach hated me come Sunday evening.  It hated me through Monday and then through Tuesday, but by Wednesday it felt better.  I never want to experience that again.  It was the white bread rolls that got me, the little mini caramel swiss rolls and the home-made banana bread - we won't mention all the other great picnic goodies.

I have had some deep and worrying thoughts - hating myself for my own stupidity.  Why do I want to take 2 steps forward and then 1 step or more backwards on this journey.  I am only making this harder for myself.  This week has been a battle to lose what was gained from what was previousley lost.   Confusing huh!!  To think if I had behaved myself, guaranteed the scale would be a lot nicer to me on Saturday than it is going to be now.

I need to focus.  Yes, I do!!  You see I have set myself these goals and BIG ones they are.  Even as I right this a battle is going on in my head and it goes like this:

Bad me :  Just do the 70km's, you can do the 175km's next year.
Good me :  It's not about finishing but how far you get - you can do this.
Bad me :  No I can't, what was I thinking.
Good me :  Believe in yourself, you can do this.
Bad me :  You can finish 70 km's why do 175 km's.
Good me :  Do it!!

Some days focusing on everything that can go wrong just takes over, instead of focusing on the achievements no matter how big or how small. 

Entries opened for the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge and I have entered.  This will be taking place on the 21 November and this year I WILL finish it. 

I have attended 2 Spinning classes this week.  It feels great to back in the classes.  Now why did I leave - good question??  I'm just glad to be back.  It definitely helps me get my water in - through each session I drink about 1.5 litres.  Yippeee!!

Here's hoping that your week is on track or back on track.  Here's hoping that if like me you fall off the diet wagon, getting back on track is a breeze!!  Don't beat yourself up... oh okay,  I do beat myself up, let's try not to beat ourselves up too much.  That fact that when we fall, we can pick ourselves up, says so much already.

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antgirl said...

When you realize that, that you want to keep going back I think half the battle is won. Great on your part! :D

I have decided to switch blogs. would love to keep in touch with you and see your progress. If so inclined, please join me at:

and I will add you onto my blog roll there.