Friday, June 4, 2010

Low Carb = NO GOOD!!

Being physically active and wanting an active lifestyle I have come to the conclusion that low carb diets are not the greatest, well, for me anyways. 

The shakes did offer a solution in that I didn't really have to think or plan around my meals too much.  Some water, shaker and whatever shake I wanted.  Easy peasy.  BUT - I felt like cr@p!!  They started getting sweeter and sweeter and eventually all I wanted to do was gag and run.  Not a way to enjoy ones lifestyle.  Another hard lesson learnt. 

The risk with this low-carb diet is that you will lose weight and FAST (but is it all fat or are you losing muscle mass along with it).  You risk slowing your metabolism, so while your weight loss is fast in the beginning it does slow down and in this vicious cycle you end up starving yourself more to lose even more weight.  So bye-bye low-carb diet for me.  I was trying one that has recently become available in South Africa and is made in Australia.  Sadly I found the consultants lacking in knowledge and only being keen to make a sale (to my horror I found out that they earn commission on product sales).  

Back to planning menus and working hard at losing this weight. 

I'll be back soon about stuff I have learnt...GI, GL and balanced eating plans and DOING this for life....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What I am busy with...

This book is fabulous. An answer to a long time prayer.

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