Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hekpoort or is that 'cycling hill hell'

What was I thinking? Apparently I was feeling very brave the moment I hit the 'enter' button.

I'd already had this conversation with hubby. Hekpoort will always be there - I can tackle it any year. Doesn't mean I have to do it this year. I'm clearly braver than that conversation.

This is a race I really didn't talk about last year. Why?? Well, Hekpoort conquered me and not vice versa. The first and only time I got a lift back to the finish by paramedics in their off-road 4 X 4 (not quite an ambulance, but close) They checked my sugar levels as I was on the verge of vomiting and felt dizzy. Not good. I tried being on the back on the sweeper vehicle - not a good idea as I was green and the other poor cyclists didn't feel like been thrown-up on. I cannot blame them. Hence the lift I got back. A quick call to the husband to tell him not to panic when he saw me stepping out of a vehicle basically used for emergency type responses.

Apparently, I can't even find photos for this race - clearly not a good memory.

After last weeks race and while resting at home.  Hubby asked me how I felt about Hekpoort - I didn't feel good.  That 'mountain' is constantly in my thoughts.  I am really trying to throw positive thoughts it's way.  Dreading it and fearing it will not do my race any good.

Some positive thoughts...

Hekpoort is earlier in the race this year and not near the end.
I am thinner.
I am stronger.
I am on my road bike.
I did get up Sterkfontein in the Dome 2 Dome (it took a while but I did get up).  Hekpoort is a lot shorter but is steeper. 

I will not panic this year and end up taking energy gels to close to each other.  I am happy with my nutrition during races and know what to do this time.  :-)

I am going to give it my best shot. 

Race for Victory 2010

At the start - 2010
What can I say except smiles all around.  I was looking forward to the race this year.  It is definitely one of my favourites.  It definitely was not as chilly as last year (see below) but the surprise in store for us was going to be the wind and boy did she blow.  I kept telling myself that it was good Argus training.  There were times it felt as if I was going to be blown off my bike but I held on tight - really tight.  LOL

Remember : At the start 2009
Crossing over the start line 2010
  Up until around the 40km mark I was having my best race ever.  My pace was good and best of all I was feeling great.  Ready to conquer the cycling world - the races ahead of me were not going to be that bad.  Then the wind let herself be really known and the worst was it was a headwind.  My word!!  The legs just don't get a break - you have to pedal your heart out if on a downward slope.  Ugghhh!!  Thankfully I'd done the route last year and smelt the finish line and just pushed myself.  I was not letting myself down.  For the first time in a long time I nearly burst into tears crossing over the finish line.  I was just grateful to be finished.  But now the thoughts in my head were not good and all of a sudden I wasn't feeling so confident about the 2 big races ahead of me.  The Jacaranda Satellite Classic is next weekend - 97km's.  I'm still wondering what I was thinking when I hit the enter key.

Thanking the heavens above!  The finish line 2010
Legs are tired!!
 We waited for my friend Sandi to come in and then went off to find Harry.  Harry wanted to watch the prize giving and all I wanted to do was head to the car. 

I look forward to doing this one again next year.  Guaranteed I'll be lighter even at goal if I play my cards right.  :-)  Heck, I might be brave and do the slighly longer one.

I finished in 2hrs44 - an improvement on last year.  Last year was 3hrs26

Saturday, October 9, 2010

20 Kilograms lost (44 lbs)

It's official, I've lost 20 kilograms (44 lbs) since I started this journey Jan/Feb 2009.  When I started this journey with Weight Watchers I weighed in at 104.4 kg's, today I weighed in with Weigh Less at 84.4 kilograms.  Woohooo!!

I was only expecting to reach this mini goal next week.  Last weekend was not perfect with the Jubilate School Carnival and then on Sunday when my sticky paws landed on some fudge and then some lamb ribs.  Not perfect choices.  By Tuesday the scale at gym declared that I had picked up the weight I had lost last week (400 grams), I was going to have to work hard which I did.  I upped the cardio, slotted in some kettlebells and skipping and stuck to the plan.  This morning when I stepped on the scale - I think I closed my eyes tightly shut, not wanting to see the damage or if I had managed to make up for my bad weekend.  I couldn't believe it when I was 1.4 kg's down.  Wow!!  Hard work certainly pays off. 

This makes me almost 10kg's lighter than last year this time.  Tomorrow is the Race for Victory Race.

At the end of Race for Victory 2009

I finished this race in 3h30 or something around there.  One of my slower rides.  This year I am hoping to finish in under 2h30.  That will be something.

I rejoined Weigh Less about 9 weeks ago and since joining I have lost 7.3 kg's.  Each and every week I have lost - I am so excited.  This time around something is working.  I don't feel deprived and believe it is all about choices. 

I still have 20 kg's or so to go.  This time around there will be NO slacking off.  The best part is, is that I feel great.

Cannot wait to tell you about tomorrow's race.

Hope you're having a super weekend.