Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My newest gadget - Polar F11 : HR Monitor!!

I have been 'lusting' over one of these for what seems forever!! It has a link so that I can download all my exercise info and I can keep track of where I am. I wish I could have gotten one of the cycle ones but YIKES they cost a wee fortune - so for now I have the Polar F11. I just love that blue.
I have not yet had a chance to give it a proper workout yet, but definitely tomorrow at Spinning. It is going to be fabulous knowing which zone I'm in and that I am giving it my all when I should be.
It can be frustrating in a Spinning class and the instructor is talking about working at 70%, 80% effort etc. and you have no clue. Now I will know just how much effort I am putting in.

Monday, July 27, 2009

This weeks exercise PLAN!!

subject to change.... :-)
* Monday : 1 hr Personal Training session
* Tuesday : 45 min Spinning + 1 hr Personal Training session
* Wednesday : Rest Day 4 now
* Thursday : 45 Spinning (first time with the HR monitor - WOW!! - buttox also felt it today. LOL)
* Friday : 1 hr Personal Training session (make-up session from week before that was missed) + Zumba (Yikes, how could I forget....LOL)
* Saturday : 1hr Personal Training session + 45 min Spinning
* Sunday : Cycling (it is just to cold to spend that sort of time outdoors on a bike - YIKES!!) and Pilates

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Have I talked myself into it yet, who knows....

Today was my Spinning class with Brett and I just had to check with him as to what the finishing time was for the Lost City Cycle Challenge - I'm thinking about doing the 70km. I started off contemplating the 12km first, I promise. Brett says it is a very easy ride, very flat - doesn't have the hills like we have here in Joburg and it is fast. The thing is: can I do flat, easy and fast. It is only a month away and there is not much chance for me to get some serious road training time in. Brett asked if I had decided yet - sheepishly I told him that I'm still thinking about it. It is my faith in me that varies from day to day and of course my ability for Endurance - I'm working on that. He did say that I am getting stronger and tackling the hills better. My standing runs/climbs have also improved. Not all bad things. The thing is I'll be carrying alot of weight with me if I do this one.
The most inspiring reason for me to do this race is for its cause : CANSA
"CANSA is a community-driven and volunteer-based organisation that has been fighting cancer to save lives for the past 77 years. Started in 1931 by a group of medical professional concerned about the high incidence of cancer, CANSA has grown to become one of the leading cancer NGOs in the country with 45 offices around the country and more than 12 000 volunteers and 260 staff members.
I guess I think I'm up for the challenge - and I might just surprise myself. What do you guys think??

Monday, July 20, 2009

REALITY!! Please check in here.....

There I am on my bike heading out on the trails. At the beginning I head downhill a bit on a 'jeep track' and I am gritting my teeth, praying to the heavens above and relying heavily on my brakes, while always reminding myself that this is the 'off-road' experience. I start to ease into it, find my faith, my confidence but it is rough going - I'm tired!! My legs are sore and they scream blue murder at anything that suggests an uphill. I start to panic - how the hell am I going to do the 94.7 cycle challenge if I can't even manage this. My thoughts are everywhere but where they should be. I do a couple of the Beginner trails and head back to base to recollect my thoughts. I've done about 3.5 km's and I feel like hell. This is NOT good. I keep telling myself that I've had a heavy week of training at the gym - I've added extra Spinning sessions....doubling up on some days. I'm just tired!!
Back at base I start losing all hope. This race takes place in just over 3 months and my mind is just not there with me. I see a hill and I panic, and added to that my legs seize up on me, I don't even need to be on my bike. I can be driving in my car and there is a hill and I'm immediately taken back to my bike and the race I have entered. It is becoming very clear that I need to begin to embrace hills, accept them and realise I can DO this!!
Hubby and I have a nice chat about my fears and the reality of the situation, it is great to bounce off ideas, thoughts with your best friend and soul mate. The truth : I NEED to get my weight down. No more messing about with food. I'd rather take the battle on in the kitchen than on the road. Getting my weight down will be half the battle done or is that won.
Ant heads out with the boys and I get a chance to catch some 'Sunshine D' and reflect. Deep down I know that I can do this and that 'fear' is getting the way. While they are out I grab some lunch, and wait patiently for them to come back. You need to be a patron Saint of Patience to head out with Josh - the little munchkin walks his bike most of the time ((smiles)). He has a fear of riding over those wooden bridges - he's working on that.
They're back and I head out with Brad. I am determined to do better than my morning session and I do. I walk less and push up those inclines and do my best to work through the burn.....oh, the burn......LOL

This weeks exercise PLAN!!

Exercise Journal
* Monday - Complete Rest Day!!
* Tuesday - 45 min Spinning, 1 hr Personal Training
* Wednesday - 1 hr Personal Training - April cancelled due to being ill - 35 min Treadmill
* Thursday - 45 min Spinning
* Friday - 45 min Spinning + Zumba (way to much to do for the Braai tomorrow - shopping was a challenge but I had FUN at Zumba this evening)
* Saturday - 60 min Spinning + 1 hr Personal Training (no Spinning due PT session moved to next week due to a hectic Saturday)
* Sunday - Cycling and Pilates

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Egg and Spoon Race

Yesterday was Josh's Sports Day. As with all Sports Days comes the Mothers race and the pressure is on. The little nursery school has grown quite a bit so we split ourselves into two groups. There I was eyeing out the competition (LOL), in which group do I stand a better chance of not looking like quite the idiot. Not being a 'Yummy Mummy' myself, I opted for the more down to earth group of moms. Our race was the second group. Off we went with our teeny potatoes and spoons - next thing I knew I was coming tie first with another mom. The thoughts that went through my head before, during and after.......
* You can do this.
* Attending gym doesn't mean that you have to prove anything.
* Coming first from the back is just as fun as coming in well first. LOL
* Nobody is watching to see if you fall on your face, okay, well maybe hubby is - he has the camera. He's watching you either way.
* Just take it one step at a time.
* It's only a Egg and Spoon race - what's wrong with you woman. :D
* Where are the other moms - they're behind me...WTF!! I'm doing this....
* A little more speed and another mom and I come in tie for first place.
* Woohoo, I did it - I won.
* Take a hold of yourself woman - it's only an egg and spoon race.
I love the conversations I have with myself, they can be - uhhhhm - entertaining. LOL
Yesterday I mentioned to Nikki, the owner of the Nursery School that I was going to be doing the 94.7 Km Cycle Challenge. She was very supportive and had some great advise as she has done it before. I now worry about my poor butt. I seriousley need to work on getting it a wee bit smaller. LOL Later on in the day at gym I bumped into an ex colleague of my hubby's - I tend to avoid his work colleagues, ex or not. LOL What can I say I live in a clam shell of shyness. Here she was striking a conversation with me....once again the voices in my brain working overtime....
* Is she calling me - seriousley
* We've never said more that two words to each other prior
* She's actually being friendly
* You can do's just another woman - What's wrong with you???
I think the moment of me being totally gobsmacked was when she said that she had just been talking about me during the day. I'm like WTF - why me, what conversation and more importantly with who. LOL. Turns out it was with a friend of mine - Lisa. Hubby also used to work with Lisa but Lisa and I built a friendship which floundered and of late we've been chatting again. Lisa also goes to the same gym. Apparently lots of people I know do. LOL
This same week April (Personal Trainer and Life Coach too) - had stated quite categorically that it was time to get out of my clam shell. Heck, I love my shell sometimes. They're, well, they're very protective. :D I heard the words - Michelle, you need to open yourself up to friendship. You need to meet people.....yeah, yeah..... Apparently the universe is listening - I think. Besides I do have friends - they're all in my computer. :D
I discovered another person (ex-colleague mentioned above) who is also doing the 94.7km Cycle challenge and whose immediate response was - You can do it!! Not sure what I am going to do when someone says that I can't. Actually I expect that to come from family - sad - huh!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

That's the plan....

Exercise Journal
* Monday : Treadmill, circuit The joys of being a mom, wife taking over
* Tuesday : 45 min Spinning, 1 hr Personal Training
* Wednesday : 1 hr Personal Training
* Thursday : 45 min Spinning
* Friday : Rest day Treadmill, circuit 45 min Spinning + Zumba
* Saturday : 1 hour Personal Training, 45 min Spinning
* Sunday : Rest day / Cycling

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I had to share....

I found this fascinating quote today:

I also know that planning my food, and eating on a schedule and eating what I have planned is key to my success. But life gets in my way. As well as my own self…getting out of my own way is also an, Food and Sugar Addiction, Jun 2009

You should read the whole article.


I found this blog through twitter and I fell in love. This post resonated with me.....and yes, some days I wonder if I will turn into a chicken. LOL

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey Sexy!! and my love of everything spinning....

Who am I to argue with the man I love and adore!! Those words are amazing!! Now back to today's post....LOL
Have I told you lately what an amazing Personal Trainer I have - I'm sure I have. Her name is April and she is just the most gorgeous person you'll ever meet. I remember when I met April I told her in no uncertain terms that I would NEVER EVER Spin. Yes, I did...LOL I'm to fat, I can't spin - definitely not for me. Her words to me were that she believed I could do it - guess those words stuck with me and after I had been training with April for about a month or so I decided what the hell, and I signed up for my first Spinning class and the rest is history.... :D
I am so looking forward to this weekend even if Saturday has filled up with everything else besides the one thing that I really want to do and that is take my new bike for a spin at the Cycle Park that is not too far from us. Thankfully there is Sunday. Which has been reserved as a non-negotiable slot for some cycling.
Did you know.....that Spinning is a G*R*E*A*T FAT burner. I only have April's word on that but it is enough for me.
As of today I can actually say that I am looking forward to the 'Big One' - that would be the 94.7 km Cycle Challenge that I entered earlier this week. I am lucky to have loads of support and although none of these supporters are likely to be on bikes with me on that day they will be at the finishing line. Who can argue with your BFF who says she'll be at the finish line with a bottle of wine - got to love her!!
Some of my NEVERS...
* I don't need a Personal Trainer - What was I thinking. :D
* I'll never spin - I'm glad I did!!
* I'll never be able to do the 94.7 - Yikes, I'm going to do it!!
* I'll never spend 5-6 days at the gym - I'm glad I do!!
and as I'm typing this **WOW** guess what song is on the radio
No Limit - 2_Unlimited
Have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today's Weigh-in!!

Today's : 92.3 kg's
Last Week (2 July) : 93.3 kg's
A loss of 1 kg = 2.2 Lbs
Woohoo - so far I am keeping on track!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still in shock!!
If you go and have a look, you'll find a short introductory video about the cycle race.
This past weekend I got my long dreamed of mt. bike and naturally that was followed by some bravery on my part to enter a couple of races. Yes.....what was I thinking.
I have a 'on - off' relationship with this race. Some days I think I can and some days I think I can't and in some moments the tears roll down my cheeks when I realise I have actually entered this cycle challenge. Not tears of fear or worry but tears of happiness and a belief that if I set my mind to it I might just be able to do it. I keep picturing myself crossing that finish line, a good vision to have, I think.
Yesterday, I took Zeezee (that is what I've named her) for a ride around the block and really enjoyed it but a 4 yo can make the going slow and challenging. I just want to go but can't BUT I can look forward to the weekend when hubby can babysit and I can hit the dirt - off road or during the week I can go to the Kyalami Race track where I can get in some 'safe' road practice. These are late afternoon sessions so hubby can meet me there after work.
Why Zeezee?? Well it starts with the Mazda ads and the Zoom Zoom bit and well on my handlebars are the words Zoom Zoom - it was just meant to be. LOL
I also got this computer which can spew out information at me at the touch of a button. Nothing fancy but at least I'll get an idea of calories burnt and distance travelled etc. etc. It is not the wireless one, so I'm still trying to get brave to see if I can actually attach this computer to Zeezee.
Exercise Journal for this week:
Monday - PT cancelled/Rest day
Tuesday - 1 hour PT session (missed spinning as I slept in - YIKES!!)
Wednesday - 1 hour PT session
Thursday - 45 min Spinning
Friday - 45 min Spinning OR Zumba (have not yet made up my mind)
Saturday - 1 hour PT Session + trying out the new Cycle park
Sunday - Pilates + trying out the new Cycle park
Have a good one...........

Monday, July 6, 2009

What a weekend!!

It all began on Saturday morning. I went off to gym to meet up with April, my personal trainer for an invigorating training session and then snuck myself off for some quick retail therapy afterwards. Hubby and the boys had gone to fetch my Kettlebells which had arrived and to pop in to see his brother while he was out. We then met up again at home. He then went on to give me the surprise of my life. He told me we could go and get the Mt. Bike I had been drooling over for a short while now. LOL His tax refund had arrived sooner than later. I was completely 'gob smacked' - WOW!! It was actually happening.
It was meant to be a quick retail session seeing as I had already tried the bike out and knew exactly what I wanted but 'hang on' the salesman has other ideas and decides that today is the perfect day to show us the next model up. His thinking is that seeing as I want to do both road and off-road that the next model up would be much better. Hmmmmm.......this was meant to be a quick acquisition. LOL Eventually the upgrade seemed like the better option and I came home with my new bike, an Avalanche ATX 375. So mine is not the black pictured above but a pretty white option. I loved the black but naturally they did not have it in my size - go figure!!
Now for the big shocker - I've already registered for two road races, both have full road closure at the time of the race. One is in Durban and the other up here in Joey's. My stomach is in a knot, what was I thinking. LOL One is 40km's and the other 94.7km's. The Durban one is in October and the Joburg race is in November (a month apart). I'm still in shock that I have registered for the big one, I'm not sure I've totally recovered. I keep telling myself that it is not cast in stone and that I can back out of it if I want to. I don't need to prove anything to anyone...
So what did you do this weekend.....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finding Mrs Positive

Exercise Journal : Monday : 1 hour Personal Training Tuesday : 45min Spinning, 1 Hour Personal Training Wednesday : Zumba Class Thursday : 45 Spinning
Friday : Zumba Class
Saturday : 1 hour Personal Training, 45 min Spinning
Sunday : Rest Day
Isn't it funny how sometimes focusing on all things negative can consume and sink you into a pit of despair. Going from:
* I will survive... to
* Crime is on the increase and when is it not and
* Get me the hell out of this country NOW.... and
* and I've had enough...I just can't anymore!!
So life starts spiralling out of control and along with despair, the diet goes out the window!! Give me carbs, give me anything as long as I can put it in my mouth and find comfort. Comfort, yeah right. I feel worse as my body begins to rebel against me and feels bloated and yuck. Throw in a routine change and a mix of cold weather and it's a recipe for a disaster.
Luckily I can see this, I recognise it and stop the spin. Find the positive. What makes me happy:
* My 3 guys (Anthony, Bradley and Josh) through sick and fun. LOL
* My friends
* My Personal Trainer, April
* My Gym
* The roof over my family's head
* That we can keep warm
* The food we're blessed with everyday and that I can cook
* My clothes - they may not be designer labels but hey they do the job
* Spring is somewhere around the corner
* The prospect of a MT Bike in the near future - pray hubby gets that tax refund sooner than later. :))
* The glimmer of hope that if all else fails, we'll find the courage to leave.
Today I am back on track!! I will find the Mrs Positive even though hiding in that clam shell seems much, much easier. I will focus on the positive!!
I got on the bathroom scale. It was kind : 93.3kilograms
Now if I can build the strength to look at bank account, I'll be fine. LOL