Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey Sexy!! and my love of everything spinning....

Who am I to argue with the man I love and adore!! Those words are amazing!! Now back to today's post....LOL
Have I told you lately what an amazing Personal Trainer I have - I'm sure I have. Her name is April and she is just the most gorgeous person you'll ever meet. I remember when I met April I told her in no uncertain terms that I would NEVER EVER Spin. Yes, I did...LOL I'm to fat, I can't spin - definitely not for me. Her words to me were that she believed I could do it - guess those words stuck with me and after I had been training with April for about a month or so I decided what the hell, and I signed up for my first Spinning class and the rest is history.... :D
I am so looking forward to this weekend even if Saturday has filled up with everything else besides the one thing that I really want to do and that is take my new bike for a spin at the Cycle Park that is not too far from us. Thankfully there is Sunday. Which has been reserved as a non-negotiable slot for some cycling.
Did you know.....that Spinning is a G*R*E*A*T FAT burner. I only have April's word on that but it is enough for me.
As of today I can actually say that I am looking forward to the 'Big One' - that would be the 94.7 km Cycle Challenge that I entered earlier this week. I am lucky to have loads of support and although none of these supporters are likely to be on bikes with me on that day they will be at the finishing line. Who can argue with your BFF who says she'll be at the finish line with a bottle of wine - got to love her!!
Some of my NEVERS...
* I don't need a Personal Trainer - What was I thinking. :D
* I'll never spin - I'm glad I did!!
* I'll never be able to do the 94.7 - Yikes, I'm going to do it!!
* I'll never spend 5-6 days at the gym - I'm glad I do!!
and as I'm typing this **WOW** guess what song is on the radio
No Limit - 2_Unlimited
Have a fabulous weekend.

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Hanlie said...

I love this post! We are meant to evolve and try new things. Otherwise we can't change our lives.

I don't love cycling right now, but I may get to like it in future... or not! But I will keep on trying!