Monday, August 31, 2009

This weeks exercise PLAN!! (31st August - 6th September)

* Monday : Personal Training Session (1 hour) + Cycling at the Kyalami Race Track (1 hour or so)
* Tuesday : Cycling at the Kyalami Race Track (1 hour or so)
* Wednesday : Cycling at the Kyalami Race Track (1 hour or so)
* Thursday : Rest Day - Josh's Birthday
* Friday : Yoga + Zumba
* Saturday : Spinning + Personal Training (1 hour or so)
* Sunday : Squash (Active Rest Day)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reconnaissance Mission : Scout location for next cycle challenge

Today resulted in an impromptu Reconnaissance Mission to scout out the location and route for my next cycle challenge. This is the 40 km which is happening at the Union Buildings in Pretoria - 4 laps of 10 km each and in each lap is Meintjes Kop (a tough uphill battle). Naturally this curious soul wanted to know just what I had signed myself up for, and all I can say is Y*I*K*E*S!! But I BELIEVE it is do-able. {{confident grin placed here}}
On some days I wonder if taking up Golf would have been cheaper. I kid you not - cycling is turning out to be an expensive PASSION and it would help if I did not make mistakes along the way. I'm seriousley crossing my fingers that I haven't made any other serious boo-boos. In my excitement to get cycling shoes a while back, I didn't pay as much attention to the fit as I should of - I should have also demanded professional advise when purchasing said cycling shoes and gathered all the information that I could. When it comes to cycling alot of 'stuff' is UNISEX - it fits both us girls and the boys. So what I thought was my size shoe and what I thought was all comfy turned out to be slightly too BIG. This teeny nasty little fact did not show itself until I used my cycling shoes out on the road. This did not seem to be a bother in the spinning classes but when I tried them out at the race track on Wednesday - I had hot spots underneath my footsies.....OUCH!! My feet were clearly sliding up and down in my shoes - I guess walking up some hills also helped this 'problem' along. Which is why we ended up in Pretoria today - trying to track down some cycling shoes at a more affordable price i.e. on special but LO and BEHOLD - NONE in my size. Oh yeah and that was the last of the stock - nadda, no more - they are supposedly not making them anymore UGGGHHHHH!!!
And that is why I could go ahead with my lil' mission - we were in the area. At least I have now travelled the route and I know exactly what I'm facing. Somehow I will conquer that hill - I am determined too..... the challenge is on!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This weeks exercise PLAN!! (24th - 30th August)

usual disclaimer : subject to change, naturally :-)
* Monday : Personal Training (1 hour) Personal Trainer cancelled
Training: Cycling Session at Kyalami Race Track Ouch that sunburn hurts. LOL
* Tuesday : Rest Day Gym workout (1 hour)
Training: Cycling Session at Kyalami Race Track
* Wednesday : Personal Training (1 hour)
Training: Cycling Session at Kyalami Race Track
* Thursday : Spinning (45 min - 1 hr) (Indoor training session) REST DAY
* Friday : Yoga + Zumba
* Saturday : Spinning (1 hr) (Indoor Training)Music was bad - NO fun at all!!
* Sunday : Squash

CANSA Lost City Cycle Challenge - 12km Fun Ride

It started with a 3am wake-up call. It was going to be a long, long day. The bikes and bags with all relevant goodies were packed in and on the car. The boys snuggled on the backseat with pillows and blankets and I wondered if I would be able to get a couple of hours of sleep on the way to Sun City - it was not going to be. LOL We made it there in good time and the road was busy with other cyclists heading in the same direction :-) We found a good parking spot and waited patiently in the car for the sun to come up. It was fre-fre-freezing!!
The boys ended up doing the kiddies race at 8am and my 12km was moved to 9am. Here's me waiting for the boys to finish up and making sure I've got everything ready for my ride.
Thankfully it warmed up some. It was hard parting with the various layers of clothing I had on. LOL If you had told me that by the end of the day that I would have sunburn I would never have believed but YIKES I did. Not from the race but from the time we spent at the Valley of the Waves - I was lounging on the beach, drinking cocktails and apparently forgot how harsh the sun can be.
The ride began with a long steep uphill. I hate hills and it is definitely a 'mind over matter' thing for me and something I work on everyday. I need to learn to embrace hills. I managed to cycle up about 600 meters but couldn't find a steady pace. Lot's of people stopping and buses and other vehicles coming up from behind had me climbing off my bik and walking up the rest of the hill toward the Entertainment Centre. From there back on the bike and we made our way towards the golf course. I was really having fun and that's when I knew the cycling bug had definitely bitten. I love this!! Some confusion reigned on the course and a bunch of us were directed to the finish sooner that we should have been and sadly I only ended up doing just under 10km's instead of the 12 km's. First thing hubby said to me is that I looked 'too fresh' and I agreed. I could have quite happily done it again. :-)) Hill and all.
I finished in the time I had hoped - under 1 hour and then we packed the car - got our swim goodies and headed up to the Valley of the ways. Lots of fun and for me - too much sun. Ouch!!
I'm already planning my next 'proper' race. A 40km route taking place in Pretorial, much closer to home and in a months time. I cannot wait :-))
Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Here's to another super week!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cycle for CANSA - 2009

I am so exicted!! Tomorrow I take part in my first ever cycling event. As some of you might know, I initially signed up for the 70km ride but after some training at the Kyalami Race Track it was becoming apparent that I might not be ready for the BIG one. When I fetched my number this week, I graciously dropped to the 12km Fun Ride and I'm looking forward to it.
This is the cycling shirt for the event. Isn't it gorgeous!! I'll fit into it one day soon. I didn't want to get one that fitted me now as what would be the point. This cycling shirt is way to gorgeous - so I definitely wanted a skinnier me wearing it :-)
This is the T-Shirt - not too bad but the printing on the front makes it a sweaty affair to wear. I find the printing especially the picture ends up clinging to you. I know I have another t-shirt that is buried in the cupboard for this very same reason. :-( But still, it was for a good cause.
I have a few family and friends who have B*E*A*T*E*N cancer and sadly some who have passed away due to Cancer . Last year I shaved my hair off at the Cancer Shavathon (OMG, remember that!!) This year I'm taking part in this event. Hopefully next year I will be more equipped to take part in the 70km. :-)) On a side note there is also a Yoga event this year for Breast Cancer - I must remember to diarise that :-)
It is a cause close to my heart and I know it is very close to the hearts of all my lampworking buds. Hiya girls :-))
Thankfully it is warming up :-) After I'm back from my ride and the boys are finished with their little 1km ride we'll take a stroll up to the Valley of the Waves for some fun, fun, fun!!!
Have a super safe weekend.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This weeks exercise PLAN!! (17th - 23rd August)

the usual disclaimer : subject to change, naturally :-)
* Monday : Personal Training + Cycling at the Kyalami Race Track
* Tuesday : 45 minute Spinning session + Personal Training
* Wednesday : Cycling at the Kyalami Race Track
* Thursday : Rest Day or I might just catch Brett's Spinning class early this afternoon :-)
* Friday : Rest Day (leave for Sun City)
* Saturday : 12 km cycle race (CansaLostCity at Sun City)
* Sunday : Squash + Pilates today is cancelled. LOL

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My first ride at the Kyalami Race Track

The stats :
Cateye Bicycle computer magaffy:
Time : 00.39.45
Distance : 9.67 km's
Average Speed : 14.6 km's/h
Max. Speed : 45.1 km's/h
Polar F11 HR Monitor :
Polar product
Polar F11
Average heart rate
hr% / 184 bpm
Maximum heart rate
hr% / 184 bpm
Fat percentage of calories
Talk about butterflies in my stomach, but hang on this isn't even a race. What have I gotten myself into? Can I do this? What the hell was I thinking? Clearly I'm nutz? That's it! I hate hills!! It's okay to turn around - right, but that means it's uphill back to the start. Forget this, I'm going around. Crap - look at that hill!! How many more hills - YIKES!!
The decision has been made, I am definitely dropping my entry from the 70 km to the 12 km next weekend. We are staying with my best bud's Mom who stays at the Staff Village at Sun City. Thankfully that means we don't have a 02:30am start to the day but can get up at a more dignified hour. When I've finished we'll head to the Valley of Waves at the Lost City and the boys can have some fun. Not sure I'll brave swimwear just yet. LOL
Okay, so to answer one of my own questions - there are only 2 hills/climbs. I rode as much as I could up them and then I walked the rest of the way, literally huffing and puffing!! I managed to get around the track twice which is a massive achievement for me as I had told hubby I might not make it even 1/2 way around.
My gym workouts have prepared me to a point but they are not going to be enough. I am going to have to cut a few gym workouts and hit the track more often. The big race is 93 days away - I need to achieve getting around that track at least 10 times in one session and definitely NOT walking up hills but pedalling up hills to be able to get to a point where I will be able to finish 94.7 km's comfortably. I clearly have my work cut out for me.
I'm having too much fun to give up!! I hope it stays that way. I CAN do this!!

No rest for the wicked

Rest days are good, in actual fact YOU NEED THEM!! I just don't like taking them, as my schedule of late is proving. Eeeeeek!!
My body is sore and tired. A combination of double Pilates, Squash, Personal Training and Spinning over the long weekend, and my body said NO MORE woman. LOL
Thankfully the sore muscles have eased up a bit today. But they'll be put to the test later today when I hit the Kyalami Race Track to see how I do with my MTB on a tar surface. Luckily I have a computer thingy for my bike so I'll be able to see the all important stats. I still think my best option is to do the 12km instead of the 70km BUT will I be letting myself down, who knows?? Right now I'm going with gut instinct. LOL

Sunday, August 9, 2009

This weeks exercise PLAN!! (10th - 16th August)

subject to change....naturally :-)
* Monday (public holiday) : Squash with hubby + Spinning - hubby joined in too :-)
* Tuesday : 45 min Spinning + Personal Training
* Wednesday : Cycling session at the Kyalami Race Track
* Thursday : 45 min Spinning with hubby
* Friday : Yoga + Zumba
* Saturday : 60 min Spinning + Personal Training
* Sunday : Squash with hubby + Pilates with hubby a braai sounded like much more fun and naturally some chill time :-)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Burning those calories

Okay, if you don't have one. You got to get one!! A heart rate monitor that is.
So far Zumba has burnt the most calories. As for Spinning, no guessing which class April gave - that would be the one with the most calories burnt for Spinning. That was an amazing class and I hope to be able to sneak in a few more of hers. Right now my training schedule is so full that something will have to give if I want to squeeze in another class.
It is definitely made a difference to my training. I now know when to push myself that bit more or when to pull back a bit.
The 'fat percentage of calories' is also interesting and I still have to learn more about this and what it means exactly. But it varies greatly between Spinning & Personal Training. With Personal Training I can burn less calories but have a higher fat % and with Spinning and Zumba burn more calories but the fat % is less.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This weeks exercise PLAN!! (3rd - 9th August)

as always.....subject to change :-)
* Monday : Personal Training
* Tuesday : Spinning (45 min) + Personal Training
* Wednesday : Spinning (45 min)
* Thursday : Spinning (45 min) + 1 hour cycling at Kyalami Race Track My legs refuse to go around anymore today. LOL
* Friday : Personal Training (make-up session) car issues + Zumba
* Saturday : Personal Training + Spinning ( a super 1 hr session)
* Sunday : Spinning (90 min) + Squash with hubby Pilates with hubby