Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My first ride at the Kyalami Race Track

The stats :
Cateye Bicycle computer magaffy:
Time : 00.39.45
Distance : 9.67 km's
Average Speed : 14.6 km's/h
Max. Speed : 45.1 km's/h
Polar F11 HR Monitor :
Polar product
Polar F11
Average heart rate
hr% / 184 bpm
Maximum heart rate
hr% / 184 bpm
Fat percentage of calories
Talk about butterflies in my stomach, but hang on this isn't even a race. What have I gotten myself into? Can I do this? What the hell was I thinking? Clearly I'm nutz? That's it! I hate hills!! It's okay to turn around - right, but that means it's uphill back to the start. Forget this, I'm going around. Crap - look at that hill!! How many more hills - YIKES!!
The decision has been made, I am definitely dropping my entry from the 70 km to the 12 km next weekend. We are staying with my best bud's Mom who stays at the Staff Village at Sun City. Thankfully that means we don't have a 02:30am start to the day but can get up at a more dignified hour. When I've finished we'll head to the Valley of Waves at the Lost City and the boys can have some fun. Not sure I'll brave swimwear just yet. LOL
Okay, so to answer one of my own questions - there are only 2 hills/climbs. I rode as much as I could up them and then I walked the rest of the way, literally huffing and puffing!! I managed to get around the track twice which is a massive achievement for me as I had told hubby I might not make it even 1/2 way around.
My gym workouts have prepared me to a point but they are not going to be enough. I am going to have to cut a few gym workouts and hit the track more often. The big race is 93 days away - I need to achieve getting around that track at least 10 times in one session and definitely NOT walking up hills but pedalling up hills to be able to get to a point where I will be able to finish 94.7 km's comfortably. I clearly have my work cut out for me.
I'm having too much fun to give up!! I hope it stays that way. I CAN do this!!


Hanlie said...

Ah, now I can comment!

Good for you for reassessing your goals in time... You now have a much better idea of what is required from now until the big race. Good luck!

Tiffany said... are doing great. I can't wait to here about the outcome of the race :o)