Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No rest for the wicked

Rest days are good, in actual fact YOU NEED THEM!! I just don't like taking them, as my schedule of late is proving. Eeeeeek!!
My body is sore and tired. A combination of double Pilates, Squash, Personal Training and Spinning over the long weekend, and my body said NO MORE woman. LOL
Thankfully the sore muscles have eased up a bit today. But they'll be put to the test later today when I hit the Kyalami Race Track to see how I do with my MTB on a tar surface. Luckily I have a computer thingy for my bike so I'll be able to see the all important stats. I still think my best option is to do the 12km instead of the 70km BUT will I be letting myself down, who knows?? Right now I'm going with gut instinct. LOL

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