Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VA Sunninghill 5km Fun Run - Sunday, 27 March 2011

When we woke up on Sunday morning it was pouring outside.  It was truly one of those mornings when you could just snuggle back under the duvet with a good book and hot chocolate but thankfully the motivation and determination were there.  I got up and started getting ready - not that there was much to get ready as this was just a fun run. 

By the time we got to the start it was just a light drizzle, nothing to bad.  At least our morning out would be cool.   Hubby once again made a last minute decision to join me.  His natural 'fitness' annoys me.  LOL  I have to work so blooming hard at it.  We quickly registered and I was impressed with the amount of people who had turned out considering the weather.

We first headed over to the gym and placed the boys in Club V (the kids section of the gym).  The boys had determined that it would be more fun there than being out in the rain...no sense of adventure...LOL

Just before 9am we headed to the start which was taking place just outside the shopping complex.  I made sure we were somewhere in the middle of the bunch - considering we would be walking at the start I didn't want us ending up right at the back, right at the start.  Needless to say the gun goes off and hubby is off like a rocket...'hey', I shout 'what happened to our POA (plan of action".  The man reigns it in... 

Even with our walking start we didn't end up right at the back and we even managed to catch up with those who had sprinted past us earlier.  I had to giggle at one guy - he is like me and working on his fitness but his shirt stated that he was 'Joburg's Toughest Fireman', I even told hubby at one stage that we weren't doing too bad as we could keep up with 'Joburg's Toughest Fireman'.  He just laughed at me.  Silly man.  There were times of course where I wanted to clobber him.  Remember, poor me slogging at the Couch to 5km programme for 6 weeks and hubby = diddly squat training and making it look way too easy. 

There was also the girl I dubbed 'Miss Short Pant' who didn't quite like us going past her, so on this downhill she comes sprinting past us only to come to a walking halt at the bottom of the hill where we eventually caught up and passed her again.  We finished 10 minutes ahead of her.  I kept telling hubby that I better keep my ass moving as no way was 'Miss Short Pant' passing us again.  LOL

We finished the 5km in 45 minutes.  I'll take it, as the last 5km I did took me over an hour if I recall. 

I'm really falling in love with running.  Sadly, my road bike is being a bit neglected - poor thing.  But she knows I still love her - it's just logistics at the moment.  I have entered both hubby and me into a road race in April.  The Wilro Cycle Challenge - one of my favourites from last year.  It is 41 km's and I've secure my BIL to babysit the boys.  It is hubby's first official race - no borrowed numbers. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad carbs/junk in equates to horrid performance

This morning I really struggled with my run...well...run walk session as demanded by W6D2 (translated - week 6 day 2), which got me to thinking - why am I feeling like crap hell??

 Upon reflection I came to the conclusion that it is all the junk, aka crap  junk that I have been eating or at moments shovelling into my mouth.   There has been chocolate cake from Hubby's birthday, the Woolworths Chocolate Mousse to ease the PMS (any excuse - right), the nibbles from the boys crisp packets and let's not forget the pie bought for the boys which I ate - it has been never ending the past few days.  Hai bo!! 

And I felt it on this morning's session.  I just felt blehhhh!!  My body doesn't want the bad carbs, the junk the aka crap food - it's wants fruits and vegetables and all the GOOD stuff.  So why, oh why do I persist with eating all the wrong stuff....who knows.  When life gets busy it just seems easier to put in all the wrong stuff.  Today I have also made more effort with water - and I'm doing my damndest to avoid the Pepsi Max .  See how easy it was to replace one evil (Coca Cola) with another evil, so no more Pepsi Max in the house anymore either.
But the part I like is that I'm learning to listen to my body.  I don't to feel blehhh - I want to fee GREAT!!  Today I have been mostly back on track except for that piece of birthday cake - will it ever end.  Evil, divine chocolate cake - thankfully you are nearly gone.   I'm thinking the best solution and the only solution is not to bring the EVIL stuff into the house in the first place.  If it is not here then it cannot be eaten.  As for birthday cakes - I don't know what the solution is...LOL

On Sunday I am doing a 5km fun run (i.e. a 5km run / walk for me).  The gym I go to is hosting it and I'm thinking it will be fun.  We're getting caps and water bottles - good goodie bags are always a bonus and I could always do with another cap and I love adding water bottles to my collection.  Hubby thinks I have way too many ------ water bottles, I think he doesn't know what he is talking about.  (Big Grin here)  Just the other day one of the boys could not find their school juice bottle and hubby was contemplating using one of my water bottles - my reply - you cannot use my cow one, or my PVM one or one of those new ones from the 94.7 race and and and - he just rolled his eyes at me.  LOL

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You're doing a what....?

I'm doing a Duathlon...can you hear a whoop-whoop

I needed a challenge.  At the beginning of the year I had already made a decision to do / try a Triathlon and while investigating the world of multisports I discovered Duathlons and thought 'why the hell not'.  I have already entered my first one, call me eager but it gives me plenty of time to train.  The first one I have entered takes place mid-June which is also in winter but thankfully our winters are mild.  I am looking forward to it.

It is a 5km run, 30 / 40 km cycle and then another 2.5 km run.  I am currently using the Couch to 5k running programme to get me running.  I have until October to get my swimming sorted out for Triathlons - currently I am working hard at not drowning myself.  LOL

I have not being doing much cycling.  I did a 20km event a few weekends ago - rather embarrasing.  I should have done the longer route but the GOOD NEWS is that I really enjoyed myself on the shorter route even if I did feel guilty about not doing the longer route.  Doing the shorter route enabled me to catch a movie with my boys while we waited for a friend of ours to finish doing the much, much longer route.

Hubby will be doing a 41km with me in April.  I better remind him so that he can get some training in. Time to hit the race track again to get some 'safe' training in.  The evenings are getting cooler - only problem being is that it is getting darker sooner which does not leave us much time to train but for now I will take what I can get.  :-)

On a completely different note.  Little did I realise how in love I would fall with running.  I look forward to my running days and dread being inside the gym.  Hmmmmm!!  What's with that?? 

Another thing I have started doing is Katabox - what a workout that is.  I really have loads of fun and I'm proud to say that I think I am getting the hang of the bouncing thing.  LOL  The one reason I avoided the Katabox class since joining the gym 2 years ago was because I could not bounce - well, all of a sardine - now I can. 

As for the weight loss - I'm back at hovering.  I really need a kick up the patootie.  It will move soon enough.  Would help if I stopped eating copious amounts of crap though.  Oh boy!!

What are you up to?

Monday, March 21, 2011


That is what my 10 year old solemly declared to me!!

I think he was trying to convince me that....

It's been nearly a month now since he declared this with such utter passion.  I nearly lost my mind.  Well, buddy - you have many, many, many years of homework ahead of you so you had better darn well get used to it.

Not only do I have Grade 4 homework to deal with or not deal with as much anymore - more about that soon, but I have Grade 1 homework too.  It's tough for moms - I'm not only repeating grades but I'm repeating 2 at a time.  Eish!! 

So, it happens that we finally get a call from the school where we were literally on our knees at the beginning of the year begging them to let our children in.  Parents who know us stood open jawed as they watched us desperately try and move our kids from a Private/Independant school into a Government 'Model C' school.  The main question being asked :   'Why the HELL do you want to do that...?'  Good question - we pay less, it's a good school, there is more for the kidlets to do and the SPORT is out of this world, need I say more.  They still question my sanity.  Only one wee lil' problem, they only had space for the 10 year old and not the 6 year old.  This is when life becomes interesting - I have no more holidays.  Their holidays are completely different and the schools are km's apart.  I live in my car in the afternoons.  What we don't do for our kids.  No more sleep-in's for me as when the one is on term break, the other is still at school.  The GOOD NEWS is that because of this it is harder for me to take a break from gym.

As the days go by - I ask the standard dreaded question :  'How much homework do we have today?'  and get told there is not much.  Huh!!  What???  We're usually bogged down with HW - something must be wrong.  Mad, frantic calls to the school, only to find out that no, my 10 year old is not lying to me - there is not much HW.  Now I declare - there is something wrong with the world when the Grade 1 is bogged down with HW and the Grade 4 has barely any.