Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad carbs/junk in equates to horrid performance

This morning I really struggled with my walk session as demanded by W6D2 (translated - week 6 day 2), which got me to thinking - why am I feeling like crap hell??

 Upon reflection I came to the conclusion that it is all the junk, aka crap  junk that I have been eating or at moments shovelling into my mouth.   There has been chocolate cake from Hubby's birthday, the Woolworths Chocolate Mousse to ease the PMS (any excuse - right), the nibbles from the boys crisp packets and let's not forget the pie bought for the boys which I ate - it has been never ending the past few days.  Hai bo!! 

And I felt it on this morning's session.  I just felt blehhhh!!  My body doesn't want the bad carbs, the junk the aka crap food - it's wants fruits and vegetables and all the GOOD stuff.  So why, oh why do I persist with eating all the wrong stuff....who knows.  When life gets busy it just seems easier to put in all the wrong stuff.  Today I have also made more effort with water - and I'm doing my damndest to avoid the Pepsi Max .  See how easy it was to replace one evil (Coca Cola) with another evil, so no more Pepsi Max in the house anymore either.
But the part I like is that I'm learning to listen to my body.  I don't to feel blehhh - I want to fee GREAT!!  Today I have been mostly back on track except for that piece of birthday cake - will it ever end.  Evil, divine chocolate cake - thankfully you are nearly gone.   I'm thinking the best solution and the only solution is not to bring the EVIL stuff into the house in the first place.  If it is not here then it cannot be eaten.  As for birthday cakes - I don't know what the solution is...LOL

On Sunday I am doing a 5km fun run (i.e. a 5km run / walk for me).  The gym I go to is hosting it and I'm thinking it will be fun.  We're getting caps and water bottles - good goodie bags are always a bonus and I could always do with another cap and I love adding water bottles to my collection.  Hubby thinks I have way too many ------ water bottles, I think he doesn't know what he is talking about.  (Big Grin here)  Just the other day one of the boys could not find their school juice bottle and hubby was contemplating using one of my water bottles - my reply - you cannot use my cow one, or my PVM one or one of those new ones from the 94.7 race and and and - he just rolled his eyes at me.  LOL


Connie said...

I struggle sooo much with the junk.

I know I don't need it and it makes me gain.

I threw out my daughter's beautiful birthday cake last week. :( It had to be done.

Hanlie said...

My method for dealing with that kind of thing is not to let the stuff into my house - even if it's someone's birthday. We go out and have cake somewhere else - then at least it's only one portion.

I am becoming more and more amazed at the awesomeness of fruit and how good it makes me feel. I remember when we were kids, we used to get fruit - usually oranges - at sporting events, because it works! These days everybody's getting sports drinks and gels, which is just refined simple carbs and it's bad for us!

cat-i said...

aaaww give yourself (and hubbie) a break ... chocolate cake on birthdays are perfectly allowable - as long as it's really good cake and worth it :)

good luck with that 5 k funrun :D