Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You're doing a what....?

I'm doing a Duathlon...can you hear a whoop-whoop

I needed a challenge.  At the beginning of the year I had already made a decision to do / try a Triathlon and while investigating the world of multisports I discovered Duathlons and thought 'why the hell not'.  I have already entered my first one, call me eager but it gives me plenty of time to train.  The first one I have entered takes place mid-June which is also in winter but thankfully our winters are mild.  I am looking forward to it.

It is a 5km run, 30 / 40 km cycle and then another 2.5 km run.  I am currently using the Couch to 5k running programme to get me running.  I have until October to get my swimming sorted out for Triathlons - currently I am working hard at not drowning myself.  LOL

I have not being doing much cycling.  I did a 20km event a few weekends ago - rather embarrasing.  I should have done the longer route but the GOOD NEWS is that I really enjoyed myself on the shorter route even if I did feel guilty about not doing the longer route.  Doing the shorter route enabled me to catch a movie with my boys while we waited for a friend of ours to finish doing the much, much longer route.

Hubby will be doing a 41km with me in April.  I better remind him so that he can get some training in. Time to hit the race track again to get some 'safe' training in.  The evenings are getting cooler - only problem being is that it is getting darker sooner which does not leave us much time to train but for now I will take what I can get.  :-)

On a completely different note.  Little did I realise how in love I would fall with running.  I look forward to my running days and dread being inside the gym.  Hmmmmm!!  What's with that?? 

Another thing I have started doing is Katabox - what a workout that is.  I really have loads of fun and I'm proud to say that I think I am getting the hang of the bouncing thing.  LOL  The one reason I avoided the Katabox class since joining the gym 2 years ago was because I could not bounce - well, all of a sardine - now I can. 

As for the weight loss - I'm back at hovering.  I really need a kick up the patootie.  It will move soon enough.  Would help if I stopped eating copious amounts of crap though.  Oh boy!!

What are you up to?


Hanlie said...

I think you're amazing! Really, you rock!

I have a sneaky suspicion I may also like running one day...

Just a question on the bouncing - do where do you buy a good "support". I'm a 46E and I don't think they even make sports bras in that size!

Big Girl Slim said...

Now you have got me thinking lol! I would never ever do a tri as swimming in our SA dams is just a no go for me. Far too much risk of... well... all sorts. But then again, i am a bit pedantic that way and even going jet skiing on the vaal dam is a push for me as i am paranoid about microscopic monsters lurk!

But the duathalon thing is something worth consideration. Just never knew it was available here. I must check it out. Running is GREAT for women and bone health. It seriously is the best thing to bump up bone density which is vital for us as we get older.

I want to do the 41km too, but am worried about hills. But would rather battle through 40km than 65km on a hill!

ShellyD said...

@ Hanlie - I struggle and I'm a 42 DD, it is really infuriating when trying to shop for decent sport bras in this country. I've been investigating and it looks like a store called Barclay and Clegg might be able to help
There is also a stunning range I found while surfing the net called Enell (not sure if anyone stocks them here in SA but could possibly be ordered online).

Right now I'm using one I purchase from Woolies with another type Sports bra over it - doubling up seems to help.

ShellyD said...

@BGS - that is what scares me about Triathlons, the open water swims, eweeeeeeee!! You can find more info on the Duathlons by going to the cyclelab website and Duathlon Events I'm doing the Momemtum #4 event and will also enter the one taking place in August.

Trying to remember what I can about Wilro from last year. It was a cool race but the wind near the end really sucked.