Monday, March 21, 2011


That is what my 10 year old solemly declared to me!!

I think he was trying to convince me that....

It's been nearly a month now since he declared this with such utter passion.  I nearly lost my mind.  Well, buddy - you have many, many, many years of homework ahead of you so you had better darn well get used to it.

Not only do I have Grade 4 homework to deal with or not deal with as much anymore - more about that soon, but I have Grade 1 homework too.  It's tough for moms - I'm not only repeating grades but I'm repeating 2 at a time.  Eish!! 

So, it happens that we finally get a call from the school where we were literally on our knees at the beginning of the year begging them to let our children in.  Parents who know us stood open jawed as they watched us desperately try and move our kids from a Private/Independant school into a Government 'Model C' school.  The main question being asked :   'Why the HELL do you want to do that...?'  Good question - we pay less, it's a good school, there is more for the kidlets to do and the SPORT is out of this world, need I say more.  They still question my sanity.  Only one wee lil' problem, they only had space for the 10 year old and not the 6 year old.  This is when life becomes interesting - I have no more holidays.  Their holidays are completely different and the schools are km's apart.  I live in my car in the afternoons.  What we don't do for our kids.  No more sleep-in's for me as when the one is on term break, the other is still at school.  The GOOD NEWS is that because of this it is harder for me to take a break from gym.

As the days go by - I ask the standard dreaded question :  'How much homework do we have today?'  and get told there is not much.  Huh!!  What???  We're usually bogged down with HW - something must be wrong.  Mad, frantic calls to the school, only to find out that no, my 10 year old is not lying to me - there is not much HW.  Now I declare - there is something wrong with the world when the Grade 1 is bogged down with HW and the Grade 4 has barely any.

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