Friday, August 21, 2009

Cycle for CANSA - 2009

I am so exicted!! Tomorrow I take part in my first ever cycling event. As some of you might know, I initially signed up for the 70km ride but after some training at the Kyalami Race Track it was becoming apparent that I might not be ready for the BIG one. When I fetched my number this week, I graciously dropped to the 12km Fun Ride and I'm looking forward to it.
This is the cycling shirt for the event. Isn't it gorgeous!! I'll fit into it one day soon. I didn't want to get one that fitted me now as what would be the point. This cycling shirt is way to gorgeous - so I definitely wanted a skinnier me wearing it :-)
This is the T-Shirt - not too bad but the printing on the front makes it a sweaty affair to wear. I find the printing especially the picture ends up clinging to you. I know I have another t-shirt that is buried in the cupboard for this very same reason. :-( But still, it was for a good cause.
I have a few family and friends who have B*E*A*T*E*N cancer and sadly some who have passed away due to Cancer . Last year I shaved my hair off at the Cancer Shavathon (OMG, remember that!!) This year I'm taking part in this event. Hopefully next year I will be more equipped to take part in the 70km. :-)) On a side note there is also a Yoga event this year for Breast Cancer - I must remember to diarise that :-)
It is a cause close to my heart and I know it is very close to the hearts of all my lampworking buds. Hiya girls :-))
Thankfully it is warming up :-) After I'm back from my ride and the boys are finished with their little 1km ride we'll take a stroll up to the Valley of the Waves for some fun, fun, fun!!!
Have a super safe weekend.

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Hanlie said...

Good luck with the race, Michelle! I'll think of you tomorrow!

I've never been to Sun City, so enjoy...