Saturday, July 18, 2009

Egg and Spoon Race

Yesterday was Josh's Sports Day. As with all Sports Days comes the Mothers race and the pressure is on. The little nursery school has grown quite a bit so we split ourselves into two groups. There I was eyeing out the competition (LOL), in which group do I stand a better chance of not looking like quite the idiot. Not being a 'Yummy Mummy' myself, I opted for the more down to earth group of moms. Our race was the second group. Off we went with our teeny potatoes and spoons - next thing I knew I was coming tie first with another mom. The thoughts that went through my head before, during and after.......
* You can do this.
* Attending gym doesn't mean that you have to prove anything.
* Coming first from the back is just as fun as coming in well first. LOL
* Nobody is watching to see if you fall on your face, okay, well maybe hubby is - he has the camera. He's watching you either way.
* Just take it one step at a time.
* It's only a Egg and Spoon race - what's wrong with you woman. :D
* Where are the other moms - they're behind me...WTF!! I'm doing this....
* A little more speed and another mom and I come in tie for first place.
* Woohoo, I did it - I won.
* Take a hold of yourself woman - it's only an egg and spoon race.
I love the conversations I have with myself, they can be - uhhhhm - entertaining. LOL
Yesterday I mentioned to Nikki, the owner of the Nursery School that I was going to be doing the 94.7 Km Cycle Challenge. She was very supportive and had some great advise as she has done it before. I now worry about my poor butt. I seriousley need to work on getting it a wee bit smaller. LOL Later on in the day at gym I bumped into an ex colleague of my hubby's - I tend to avoid his work colleagues, ex or not. LOL What can I say I live in a clam shell of shyness. Here she was striking a conversation with me....once again the voices in my brain working overtime....
* Is she calling me - seriousley
* We've never said more that two words to each other prior
* She's actually being friendly
* You can do's just another woman - What's wrong with you???
I think the moment of me being totally gobsmacked was when she said that she had just been talking about me during the day. I'm like WTF - why me, what conversation and more importantly with who. LOL. Turns out it was with a friend of mine - Lisa. Hubby also used to work with Lisa but Lisa and I built a friendship which floundered and of late we've been chatting again. Lisa also goes to the same gym. Apparently lots of people I know do. LOL
This same week April (Personal Trainer and Life Coach too) - had stated quite categorically that it was time to get out of my clam shell. Heck, I love my shell sometimes. They're, well, they're very protective. :D I heard the words - Michelle, you need to open yourself up to friendship. You need to meet people.....yeah, yeah..... Apparently the universe is listening - I think. Besides I do have friends - they're all in my computer. :D
I discovered another person (ex-colleague mentioned above) who is also doing the 94.7km Cycle challenge and whose immediate response was - You can do it!! Not sure what I am going to do when someone says that I can't. Actually I expect that to come from family - sad - huh!!

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Hanlie said...

I know what you mean about getting out more... I'm very wrapped up in my life in the computer right now...

Well done on the egg and spoon race! You rock!