Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still in shock!!
If you go and have a look, you'll find a short introductory video about the cycle race.
This past weekend I got my long dreamed of mt. bike and naturally that was followed by some bravery on my part to enter a couple of races. Yes.....what was I thinking.
I have a 'on - off' relationship with this race. Some days I think I can and some days I think I can't and in some moments the tears roll down my cheeks when I realise I have actually entered this cycle challenge. Not tears of fear or worry but tears of happiness and a belief that if I set my mind to it I might just be able to do it. I keep picturing myself crossing that finish line, a good vision to have, I think.
Yesterday, I took Zeezee (that is what I've named her) for a ride around the block and really enjoyed it but a 4 yo can make the going slow and challenging. I just want to go but can't BUT I can look forward to the weekend when hubby can babysit and I can hit the dirt - off road or during the week I can go to the Kyalami Race track where I can get in some 'safe' road practice. These are late afternoon sessions so hubby can meet me there after work.
Why Zeezee?? Well it starts with the Mazda ads and the Zoom Zoom bit and well on my handlebars are the words Zoom Zoom - it was just meant to be. LOL
I also got this computer which can spew out information at me at the touch of a button. Nothing fancy but at least I'll get an idea of calories burnt and distance travelled etc. etc. It is not the wireless one, so I'm still trying to get brave to see if I can actually attach this computer to Zeezee.
Exercise Journal for this week:
Monday - PT cancelled/Rest day
Tuesday - 1 hour PT session (missed spinning as I slept in - YIKES!!)
Wednesday - 1 hour PT session
Thursday - 45 min Spinning
Friday - 45 min Spinning OR Zumba (have not yet made up my mind)
Saturday - 1 hour PT Session + trying out the new Cycle park
Sunday - Pilates + trying out the new Cycle park
Have a good one...........

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