Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finding Mrs Positive

Exercise Journal : Monday : 1 hour Personal Training Tuesday : 45min Spinning, 1 Hour Personal Training Wednesday : Zumba Class Thursday : 45 Spinning
Friday : Zumba Class
Saturday : 1 hour Personal Training, 45 min Spinning
Sunday : Rest Day
Isn't it funny how sometimes focusing on all things negative can consume and sink you into a pit of despair. Going from:
* I will survive... to
* Crime is on the increase and when is it not and
* Get me the hell out of this country NOW.... and
* and I've had enough...I just can't anymore!!
So life starts spiralling out of control and along with despair, the diet goes out the window!! Give me carbs, give me anything as long as I can put it in my mouth and find comfort. Comfort, yeah right. I feel worse as my body begins to rebel against me and feels bloated and yuck. Throw in a routine change and a mix of cold weather and it's a recipe for a disaster.
Luckily I can see this, I recognise it and stop the spin. Find the positive. What makes me happy:
* My 3 guys (Anthony, Bradley and Josh) through sick and fun. LOL
* My friends
* My Personal Trainer, April
* My Gym
* The roof over my family's head
* That we can keep warm
* The food we're blessed with everyday and that I can cook
* My clothes - they may not be designer labels but hey they do the job
* Spring is somewhere around the corner
* The prospect of a MT Bike in the near future - pray hubby gets that tax refund sooner than later. :))
* The glimmer of hope that if all else fails, we'll find the courage to leave.
Today I am back on track!! I will find the Mrs Positive even though hiding in that clam shell seems much, much easier. I will focus on the positive!!
I got on the bathroom scale. It was kind : 93.3kilograms
Now if I can build the strength to look at bank account, I'll be fine. LOL


Hanlie said...

We were supposed to emigrate to the USA earlier this year, but when the economic crisis hit, the business that my husband was going to be part decided not to expand. It was hard for us, since we had mentally divorced ourselves from this country already. It could have been worse - we could have been there already with no income! But yes, I do get the "somebody get me out of this sh*thole" feelings often!

Your training schedule is really impressive!

Connie Weiss said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment you left for me!

Great job on your workouts! I keep hearing about this ZUMBA thing and I need to find out what it is.