Saturday, October 16, 2010

Race for Victory 2010

At the start - 2010
What can I say except smiles all around.  I was looking forward to the race this year.  It is definitely one of my favourites.  It definitely was not as chilly as last year (see below) but the surprise in store for us was going to be the wind and boy did she blow.  I kept telling myself that it was good Argus training.  There were times it felt as if I was going to be blown off my bike but I held on tight - really tight.  LOL

Remember : At the start 2009
Crossing over the start line 2010
  Up until around the 40km mark I was having my best race ever.  My pace was good and best of all I was feeling great.  Ready to conquer the cycling world - the races ahead of me were not going to be that bad.  Then the wind let herself be really known and the worst was it was a headwind.  My word!!  The legs just don't get a break - you have to pedal your heart out if on a downward slope.  Ugghhh!!  Thankfully I'd done the route last year and smelt the finish line and just pushed myself.  I was not letting myself down.  For the first time in a long time I nearly burst into tears crossing over the finish line.  I was just grateful to be finished.  But now the thoughts in my head were not good and all of a sudden I wasn't feeling so confident about the 2 big races ahead of me.  The Jacaranda Satellite Classic is next weekend - 97km's.  I'm still wondering what I was thinking when I hit the enter key.

Thanking the heavens above!  The finish line 2010
Legs are tired!!
 We waited for my friend Sandi to come in and then went off to find Harry.  Harry wanted to watch the prize giving and all I wanted to do was head to the car. 

I look forward to doing this one again next year.  Guaranteed I'll be lighter even at goal if I play my cards right.  :-)  Heck, I might be brave and do the slighly longer one.

I finished in 2hrs44 - an improvement on last year.  Last year was 3hrs26

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