Saturday, March 6, 2010

96 Days to go - WCS

Previous weigh-in :  88.4 Kilograms
This weeks weigh-in :  88 kilograms
Loss :  0.4 kilograms

We have tickets....I swore blind that we would not be going to watch any of the games.  The fact that this family has no interest in soccer at all was a BIG part of the decision.  BUT - WCS fever is catching on ......well.... with most of the family members - hubby is still not keen at all.  I managed to get us tickets to the USA vs. Algeria game taking place at Loftus (not one of the new stadiums).   I think the atmosphere/vibe is going to be amazing although I am dreading the vuvuzelas - might need ear plugs for those.  LOL  They caused some controversy during the Confederations Cup that took place here not to long ago. 

Hubby managed to get me an official team shirt for SA - he opted to get a size smaller.  Sometimes I think he has more faith in me than I do.  So the above pic is the 'before' pic - we'll see what happens weight wise in about 3 months.  So many things are happening in 3 months time....

*  The FIFA World Cup Soccer
*  The Kremetart 175km Stage Race
*  Our Belly Dancing annual get together (July) - not only do I have to learn some dance routines but I need to fit into a costume that I'm HAPPY with - otherwise this bod will not be on any stage dancing.

The scale is still moving downwards although slooooooooowly!!!!  I know, I know - be happy - RIGHT!!  Can you see some impatience on my part creeping in.....

Have a super weekend........


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