Thursday, April 8, 2010

Desperate times.... for desperate measures.

After ending up with a SERIOUS Easter HANGOVER, I've decided to take some very desperate measures.  Measures I swore I would never take, but enough is enough, and it's time to get tough with this matter of losing weight.

While out window shopping over the long weekend I stumbled onto a possible solution.  The weather has been miserable to a point that I started singing a Barney song 'Mr Sun - sun, Mr golden sun......' or something like that, needless to say we have had lots of rain.  With the boys on school break and adding to it some cabin fever for mom - these combined do not a good mixture make.

So!!  We walk past one of the BIG pharmacy retailers and there in the window in BIG FLASHING NEON lights (just kidding about those big flashing lights) is something that could potentially be my 'weight loss salvation'.  BUT - one wee teensy weeny lil problem - I scorn on such answers.  Now I'm desperate and so I went home, got onto the internet and started investigating...I liked what I was reading, could this diet be the kick up the patootie that I so desperately need!!  The costs don't seem that bad and with some tweaking, I am going to give this my best shot to drop some kilo's and hopefully quicker than I have been.

The argument I had with myself :

Two meals are replaced with shakes/soups with a third meal being made up of a protein and unlimited veg.  One of the replacement meals also includes a healthy serving of veg/salad.  There are also snacks (fruit).

Argument :  I have never believed that meal replacement shakes are the answer but here I am giving it a try. 

Some will agree, some will disagree and some will STRONGLY I will tell you honestly that I have looked at this from every possible angle.

I know that this is not a way of life - I will have to get back to eating normally at some stage.

It is probably not the best solution but I have made my peace with it and I am giving it a try.

Once you have reached goal weight a maintenance plan is worked out.

March was a month I would really not like to think about ever again.  I was filled with indecision, couldn't decide on basic issues and would uhhmmm and ahhhh over the stupidist of things.   Just trying to think what to make for lunch (what to eat, what not to eat) utter frustration.  Stupid I know but those are the facts.  I ended up miserable, frustrated at everyone around me and worst was I didn't have the answers even though they were simple enough. 

For now this diet offers me some freedom from making FOOD decisions.  Breakfast and lunch are suddenly a breeze.  I no longer panic if I'm going to be out over lunch as there is the perfect solution in my bag nearby.  Most of my spinning classes are over lunch time and I got to the point of not wanting to do them as trying to work out lunch around them was getting too much for me.  Yes, stupid I know but those are the facts.  Trust me I'd end up in tears just thinking about it.   Then fetching one child and then another later - food was just constantly on my mind (what to eat, when to eat and WHAT to eat).  Trying to lose weight was becoming a chore!!

Now you are probably wondering why it should be a 'MISSION' - just prepare the meals and VOILA.  I wish I could explain it, but from 'VOILA' to 'confusion reigns', is what happened to me.  I'm not about to spend thousands on therapy to find out either.  After a year of everyday thinking about what to eat, how to prepare it, when to eat it got a bit much for me.  I need a break.

I'm sticking to healthing living but I have added these shakes/soups to the mix.  They make my life easier.  This plan offers healthy easy solutions to my workouts and so far so good.

Cooking is becoming enjoyable again - my meals tasty and healthy.  My mind is not filled with all the 'what if's'....

I know some of you might disagree but I hope you stick out this piece of the journey with me.



Tiffany said...

Sometimes I replace meals with carnation instant breakfast sugar free because it is just easier than trying to figure out what to eat. I say if it works for you then do it.

M Pax said...

This journey is about trying and seeing what works.

If it's speaking to you, give it a shot. It may turn out to be the jump start back you need.