Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's for life!!

I have been on this weight loss journey for just over a year now. To date I have lost about 16kg's but it has been hard work, many plateau's and months of utter frustration.

I constantly have to keep telling myself that while I am trying to lose fat at the same time I am building muscle. As well, around big cycling events I have no other choice but to do some carbo loading, unless I want to 'bonk' while cycling (basically run out of energy while doing a big race). I love going to gym and cannot see myself sitting at home not doing it - it has become so much a part of my life that it's hard not to envision not going.

All of these things affect the number on those scales. It has taken me a year to accept this but some days I still get frustrated even if I am aware of the ‘science’ taking place. The scale is rarely my best friend. But the changes I see in my body say more than a scale number could or should ever say. But here is the thing – nobody every wants to know what size clothing you’re wearing or how many sizes you have dropped. The big question is ‘how much weight have you lost?’ and ‘What does the scale say?” I hate these questions because I believe the scale never ever really tells the full story behind these journeys we embark on.

I chose the TF Weight Loss Programme because I got tired of constantly thinking about what to prepare, when to prepare, how to prepare for 3 meals a day, as well as 2 snacks while still trying to do everything else from being a mom and a wife. I liked the idea of paying a once off fee instead of a monthly fee to go and weigh-in and then still spending fortunes on all the foods I would need and sometimes having to prepare 2 different meals. And for the first time, the recipes are actually easy to do, taste great and the whole family enjoys them. I have not found this on any of the other programmes I have been on.

Some days I am concerned about the low carb part, especially with the amount of exercising I do but as I head into week 3, I can honestly say I am feeling great. The first week was hell and but I survived and it does get better. For cycling races I will need to carbo load but I believe as long as I make the BEST food choices, I will be okay. On the days that I really workout I do take in extra as well.

This is my ‘I REFUSE to feel GUILTY’ treat:

After cycling races we pull into a KFC for my Choc brownie Sundae treat. Most races I burn between 1 300 to 3 000 calories. I know I've worked hard for it. :D This is my strictly 'Not going to feel guilty' pleasure.

I’ll be honest I am not perfect at this. I cannot claim to be 100% on plan all the time BUT it is a stepping stone to healthy living and giving it my best. I would be fooling myself if I believed that once I had achieved goal weight that I could go back to old habits, give up gym and cycling because then I would just be back at square one.

And it is this : The MOST IMPORTANT information I can share with you about this journey. If you don’t learn or not prepared to work at it every day, even if you miss a step here or there - THEN why bother at all because you have learnt nothing. You will blame the weight loss programme and everyone else but at the end of the day, it is YOU who has failed yourself!!

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