Saturday, January 16, 2010

I love my Yoga - I really do!!

Last night after many, many attempts everything came together and we finally got back to our favourite Yoga class.  It felt really good, so good that I wonder if I'll be able to brave early morning traffic after dropping the boys off at school to try and get to the 8am class on Tuesday mornings.

I was able to go further with some poses and my flexibility has definitely improved.   Not only that but Lynn commented on my calves and how strong they are - yeah, they are taking shape, I guess that is from all the cycling :-))  I have no worries about my legs currently but I definitely have to/need to work on my upper body.  Then she spotted my tattoo - where clearly my rebel status in the world has been noted.  LOL  I love my tat :-))

Lynn will also be starting a Pilates class at the gym - I cannot wait for that.  We have many Yoga and Pilates instructors but sometimes you click with just one.  Lynn is very supportive and helpful and has truly helped me with my journey.

Gym this week has come together.  Having 2 sessions with April has definitely helped.  My body is feeling great and I mean that.  Not doing much over December and most of November I could feel myself going soft in places - thankfully my body has no problem with catching up to where we should be.  Relief - although I will admit to feeling very tired on some days :-))  With back 2 school, changes in routine and sticking to the gym schedule as much as possible, I expected *tired* to creep on me somewhere. 

This morning I will go to my Weigh Less group and officially weigh in for the year - I know it will show a gain and I am ready for it.  Next week both diet and gym will be on track :-))  I am determined.

Next week I also have a BIG race - 103 km's (64 miles).  It is considered to be a fast and flat race - I'm going to give it my all :-))

Have a super weekend.  I know I'm going to.  The good news being that I am going to fetch my car this morning.  Yipppeeeeeeee

Back soon.

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Connie Weiss said...

I've always wanted to do Yoga but the classes are so expensive here. I was going to look up some poses to do at home yesterday and I completely that's my goal for today.

You are going to do GREAT at your race!