Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A day off....

Today was Back 2 School day in Gauteng and I think the rest of South Africa.  Private and Government schools, as well as Provinces synchronizing because of the Soccer World Cup happening in our Country this year.  The idea is that all the schools will take a break while the tournament is on in the hopes of alleviating traffic on the roads - well, that is if all the road works are completed by then, if not, I doubt our roads will be travel friendly - congestion wise, that is.  

I didn't end up at gym today.  Nope - it ended being a day off.  By the time we got Brad settled in at school I wasn't feeling up for travelling in 'hellish' traffic to get to gym.  I have to work out a decent mid morning time to get to gym and back home before fetching the kidlets from school.

What is usually a short 15 - 20 minute trip to the gym can turn into an 01hr30min affair to get there and then same to get home depending on traffic.  That is why I want to avoid going to the gym at peak hours - it is just not worth the stress caused by being stuck in traffic.

The good news is, is that Brad has settled in nicely and loves his class mates and teacher.  He is also keen on extra-murals and has decided to give Cricket and Hockey a go.  Anyone wanting to sponsor a hockey stick and ball??  Just kidding....but **sigh** I just had to spend another R550.00 on his PE (physical education) clothes.

I'll definitely be back on track tomorrow as I have a fun strength training session ahead of me - got to love April. 

Back soon.....

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