Sunday, September 19, 2010

Remember 'Invincible' - Meals on Wheels 2010

It has been a year since my first 'official' race and what a difference.  Doing the happy dance here!!

This was last year :

Meals on Wheels 2009

The Support Crew, Member 'J'

Support Crew, Member 'B'
Just what were they up to while I was out pedalling....looks like they were up the tree.  hehehehehe  Sounds like they had loads of fun!!  Climbing trees, jumping on the jumping castle, eating pancakes and drinking milo.  Definitely fun!!

The race itself started earlier this year and we got away around 8am somewhere.  Right from the start we head uphill.  Great way to wake those legs up. hehehehehe.  I got to the halfway turn poing in just under and hour.  The route was undulating.  Definitely not flat and fast. 

Today was spent trying to get past the 'I'm out for a Sunday ride with my BFF' while they're casually riding abreast (taking up most of the road to do this) and catching up on whatever.  This is done with no consideration for cyclists or even motor vehicles coming up behind them.  Idiots!!  The fact of the matter is at the 94.7 there are going to be zillions of these types.  I hope I survive!!

The GOOD news is that I did improved on my time from last year.  Woohooooo!!

My official time was 02:09:05 - I was the 204th cyclist in for the 40km out of 224 (not including those who did not finish).

Last year (2009).  My official time was 02:31:02 - I came 3rd last.  Ouch!!

I was not chased by the ambulance and sweeper vehicle and there was no bursting into tears.  When hubby asked if my song had played this time - strangley enough, even though it is on my MP3 - Invincible did not come into play today. 

Seriousley, this needs to go!!
With this weight loss, a few things are happening to the shape of my body.  This is one in particular that I HATE with a passion and seems to be more noticable when I'm on my bike (sad face).  It appears that this middle section is definitely going to be the last to go.  Ouch!! 

Very happy with myself!!

Gotta love helmet hair :-)
Next week is my second race leading up to the 94.7.  I'm looking forward to it.  It is 54km's.

Hope everyone had a super weekend.

Before I go.  In the past 6 weeks I have lost 5.1 kg's - EXTREMELY happy right now.



M Pax said...

Woot on beating your time. That's awesome. I think it's awesome you do these races.

Yeah, the body does some strange things while reorganizing itself. Keep at it and it balances out. Either way, you're healthier which is more important than what shape you are.

That being said, the weight loss is obvious. I think you look fantastic.

Big Girl Slim said...

Well done! Do you cycle without sunglasses or was that due to the photo? With this African sun, i cant go anywhere without good sunglasses!

ShellyD said...

First race without (luckily we were not riding into the sun at any stage). Forgot them at home (naughty). Won't be making that mistake again.