Monday, September 21, 2009


It started with another early morning. Hmmmm, that would be the joys of taking part in cycle races. My support team can find it tough going (Josh 5yo and Brad 9yo). Not knowing how big the race was going to be or even knowing what the route was we made the decision to get there early. On arrival we soon discovered that we could have slept in longer - oh well! There was a total of 3 other cars. Yikes, where was everyone. I registered and we then took it easy - got the boys some pancakes and milo and just chilled. Eventually the cars started to arrive and were streaming in - relief!! Hubby later in formed me that there was only 341 odd cyclists - a very, very small field.
At about 09:15 we (the cyclists) headed down to the start line which was taking place on the main road. The support team stayed behind and waited at the finish line. After a while it was time for the 40km cyclists to get going. It wasn't long and I knew this was not going to be an 'easy' ride, we were struggling with strong cross winds. At about 5km - I thought about quitting, at about 10km - I really considered quitting and about 18km's I wondered how much more I could take. I burst into tears and wondered if this was really worth it and then a 'miracle' happened. April had introduced me to a song in her Spinning class -'Invincible' - at the moment I thought I couldn't go any further 'Invincible' started playing on my MP3 player and I knew I could :-) Before I knew it I was at the water point and the turn around point - 20km /halfway mark. I kept telling myself that I had made it 1/2 way and I could do this.
Which reminds me, I haven't told you the funniest bit. I was at the back. Yip, right at the back...I was being chased by an ambulance and the 40km sweep vehicles. Giving up would have been very easy - my ride home was right behind me. Talk about temptation constantly shoved under your nose.
I had a good giggle, when for a brief second I was the 90km Leader....The lead vehicle with a sign saying "90km Leader" came past me. A short lived moment when the real leader came flying past me. Not long after that the course got busy with all the pro's heading strongly for the finish line. It was a distraction at least. Some of the guys past comments of support like 'you're doing great' - 'keep at it'.
The course was undulating - with only one really tough hill on the way back. When I couldn't anymore, I walked - I pushed my bike up that hill. I could smell the finish from there - it was close. I got back on that bike and worked hard to get back home/finish line. Three of us had kept each company, the sister + brother team shooting ahead and then me (taking turns). Eventually I stuck ahead of them till the finish line and came in 3rd from the back. LOL The 90km guys and girls were also making there way back to the finish line.
This is me crossing the finish line. I was in tears again by now. I had done it!! When I could have given up - I persevered. I was INVINCIBLE!! I crossed the finish line, handed in my chip and fell into hubby's arms crying. The poor man had thought something had happened - I was just so happy to see him :-))
We headed straight to the car, packed up everything and headed home. We had Josh's Spring Fair to attend. We went straight to the school - this was post race meal/lunch. The school had managed to get Spur (a chain of local restuarants) to come and make burgers. It was delish and thankfully a rare 'treat'. I refuse to feel guilty - I burnt 1549 calories on that ride.
And yes, I am smiling!! I had the time of life. When quitting would have been easy - I didn't!!

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Hanlie said...

Ooh, I like the new theme!

Let me just say that you are my hero! You did great! Congratulations on pushing yourself and finishing that race... And WTG on the Spur burger - you deserved it!