Saturday, September 19, 2009

The scale number is moving DOWN

Will it continue with this trend, I'm not sure - I can only hope so. What I've done differently is:
* Focused more on my cycling more than gym workouts (short term). This is because my race schedule and training schedule is hectic from now until mid November.
* Upped my carb intake - YES - you read correctly. I'm eating more brown rice etc. The good carbs, the better carbs, whatever, they're carbs.
* Eating slightly more red meat *gasp* so instead of no red meat during the week, I try and include it once (where possible we try and purchase our meat from places that use good practices when it comes to red meat, as well as chicken)
* Making more of an effort to get snacks in more regularly.
The scale has been hovering between 92 - 93.5 kgs and more around 93 kg's = frustration. The thought was I might be starving myself. Not eating enough to support my activity level or even correctly. Right now I can only play with my diet - I am seeing a dietician who specialises in Sport Nutrition in about a weeks time. I'm so excited about that - I know there will be better results.
This mornings weigh-in 91.4 kg's (201.1 lbs). This is the first week that the scale has mostly stayed under 92 kg's (one or two mornings it did get above 92 kg's.
This is what is working for me!! Not everybody is the same - my determination to get healthy, fit and lose weight is making me reach out and seek information. My activity levels are not yours and vice versa. What works for me might not work for you. Yes, I heard the calorie in - calorie out. The more calories I cut, the more 'energy crashes' (days where the mind was willing but the body refused point blank) I had. This week I only had one teeny one and that was on Thursday after being at the track - my legs were tired and the rest of the body joined in - got to bed early and woke up feeling fine the next morning. On Wednesday I had pushed hard at the track and cycled 5 laps (22km's) and burned close on 900 calories.
It is early days yet, and I cannot wait to see what the scale says next Saturday. One week is not 'proof' all I know is that I can see and feel a change and I'm happy.


Hanlie said...

Congratulations on the loss! That is very encouraging.

Connie Weiss said...

I think I have trouble when I eat too few calories too. My body rebells and gets mad at me and makes more fat.

I'm always struggling to find healthy snacks.....

Have a wonderful week!