Friday, September 18, 2009

A HAPPY ending to a 'not so great' afternoon!!

The BAD news : Sunday's race has been cancelled!!
I had left my cell phone in the car while having coffee at Josh's school and ran to get it so I could check to see if I had missed any calls or sms's/text messages and there was a SMS from the organisers of Sunday's race - as I read the message - my soul was crushed - the race had been cancelled due to the TMPD (Tshwane Metro Police Department) withdrawing their support at the last minute. Now what?? I had been so looking forward to this race. I was totally ready for it - I had psyched myself up and was almost counting the sleeps. Yep, that is how bad it has been. It felt like the wind had been taken out of my sails. How could they - didn't they know how important this was to me?? No amount of temper tantrums was going to change anything and besides I had no energy to throw one that is how disappointed I was - so yep - now what??
The GOOD news:
My hero - hubby - stepped in as I was not at home or near a computer and checked the website where the races are listed and discovered another one taking place on Sunday - a teeny bit further from home but doable. It is also a 40km (24.85 miles) cycle race. It is for a charity organisation : Meals on Wheels - and thankfully they are taking late entries on the day. It is a later start than the other one which means we might end up missing Josh's school's Spring Fair entirely - I'll just have to pedal faster :-))
I have no idea what the route is like : all I have to go on is what Tannie (Aunty) Bettie told me on the phone this afternoon - it's fast with one very long uphill drag. Should be interesting if anything.

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Hanlie said...

Bah! Tswane! Bunch of no-good, overfed misfits.

Glad you found another race though... And of course you already have the swag! Are they going to refund the entry fees?