Friday, September 18, 2009

In the goodie bag - Outsurance Outride 2009

I'm not quite sure who enjoys the 'goodie bag', my two boys or me. They love them and they cannot wait to get back to the car so that we can open it. With this race we got a t-shirt, a toolkit and some samples (excludes the Mule Bars and Energy gels) to try out. I know Josh is eyeing out the Energade Jellies, poor guy. Just before the race I'll give them to the boys - I think they'll like that.
As I am so new to this sport - I'm always a tad nervous when collecting my number etc. Not sure why, but I am. I think it's a combination of my inexperience and my weight. I had to chuckle to myself though. The lady who gave me my race no. asked me what size shirt I requested and honestly I couldn't remember so she looked it up. I could see her 'sizing' me up. Uh-oh!! LOL I had requested an XL and by her expression I could just tell that she thought it was too small. Well it fits woman - even if it just fits. This is a gentle reminder that others are not aware of the journeys we take and why we do things we do. I didn't want an XXL knowing that it would be too loose very soon.
We have to collect our numbers at one of the bigger cycle shops. This is not good news as I am always tempted to - well- shop of course. LOL While we were there I needed to stock up on my favourite drink which is Biogen - Cytogen ProEndurance (I love both flavours).



:: Provides instant and sustained energy :: Increases Energy :: Reduces muscle breakdown and promotes recovery :: Source of electrolytes

I'll drink this through the race as well as water.
I was really excited to find these at the shop yesterday. They are made in the UK and are 100% natural. Now to pray that the kidlets don't eat my Refuel bar before I finish the race. :-)) I'll have to hide it. (not in the goodie bag but bought by me)
When it comes to gels I haven't had much luck and Ben who is always there to help and guide me at this shop suggested I try these ones (see pic below). Which I did and I can happily report that I didn't want to throw-up the instant it hit my mouth and it didn't taste to bad either. (not in the goodie bag but bought by me)
I was really excited to get this tool kit (see below) in the goodie bag. I'll admit it is not the lightest but 'beggars cannot be choosers'. I have been wanting one for just in case but they can be costly so when given for free, I'll take it quite happily. Mostly my bike has all these quick release 'things' - so taking the wheels off and that does not require tools but either way I think it could be handy. I also have a puncture kit and tyre levers. As this is a 10km circular route I am not stressing about taking along spare tubes. Vuyo at the sports shop lined my tyres with a product to prevent punctures - I just pray it works :-) Touch wood, so far it has.
I am excited and nervous about this race. The route has changed slightly and the changes I can live with. As far as I am aware the steep hill climb has been taken out and I'm not sure if there are any others, either way I plan to enjoy myself. When I registered for the 94.7 km Cycle Challenge I bought a time chip. The same company is timing this event on Sunday and I have found out that I can collect my chip on Sunday. Woohoooo!! I just hope they are timing the 40km and not just the 80km. It would be nice to have an official position and time. :-)
Crossing fingers for a good race and a good time.


Hanlie said...

We just entered the annual Cape Town Gun Run (half-marathon for Craig, 5K walk for me) and I requested an XXL shirt. I know it won't fit yet, but it will eventually and that is good enough for me!

Good luck with your race!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Good luck... I'm so proud of you.

ShellyD said...

You go Hanlie - I like!! Good luck and I cannot wait to hear about it.


Thanks Elaine, although they have cancelled this one, I'll be taking part in another one. NO giving up for me. :-))