Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dome 2 Dome or was that Silverstar Casino 2 Silverstar Casino

Guess who joined me!!

Last Sunday was my first cycle race for the Spring/Summer season.  I opted to do the 40 km.

This was the profile - you guessed it - OUCH!!

The night before the race we went out for our youngest's 6th birthday - a nice Italian restuarant which meant I could carbo-load and not do my diet too much damage.  The kids then went off with my BIL to spend the night with their cousins.  Hubby made an impromptu decision and decided to join me on the race.  Some adjustments on my mountain bike and a spare entry that a friend had, and he was all set to go.  And GO he did!!  He eventually calmed down and slowed down to a pace I could handle.  Relief!! 

I enjoyed this one, well, except for the end bit.  When I do it again I hope it will be a me at goal weight.  My weight is really slowing me down on the hills **sad face**

We finished the race in just over 3 hrs - around 03:08:something.  That hill at the end there killed us.  We walked, chatted and begged for mercy but we got up it.

We made it!!

Fortunately, one of cycling shirts fitted hubby.  Don't worry - one day they won't. hehehehehe  I'll be in skinnier ones.

I tried a new low GI drink on this ride, 32 GI and was very impressed with it.  It cut down on how many gels I needed to take in.  On a ride like this it would have been up to 3 gels - making the calorie intake a lot more than it was.  I also packed a healthy picnic for afterwards - NO greasy boerewors rolls or hamburgers.  **huge grin**

The next race is on the 19th.  I did this one last year so I am looking forward to comparing.  It is the Meals on Wheels race.  Fun times.

Back soon.....


M Pax said...

I love reading this. You inspire me. I'm going to let those pilates women kick my a** today. :D

Connie W said...

Great job!!

So smart of you to pack a lunch!