Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bestmed Campus to Campus 2010 - Race Report

You can read about last year's race here

My not so favourite part, the early mornings!!  We had to get up just before 5am so that we could be out the door by 05:30.  Ouch!!  Weekends around this time are not my own.  Saturdays I tend to be up early as I go to WeighLess at 07:30 to get my weigh-in over and done with, leaving Sundays as the sleep in day but alas that is not to be at the moment.  At least this weekend there are no races for me.

We picked up Harry on the way and off we went.  This was a far one, one of the furtherest we have to travel to.  We got there just in time.  Harry immediately got his bike and stuff sorted and headed for the start line as he was doing the long distance.  I went off in search of a toilet.  While doing that I quickly munched on a Bran Muffin - yummy!  From then onwards it was a mad dash to get everything setup from HR monitor to MP3 player (don't worry I only used one ear piece and can quite comfortably hear everything around me - safety is a priority for me).  At least I did not forget the sunglasses behind this time.

I met up with my friend Sandi at the start line.  Hubby managed to get a few pics and it was time to start.  This year the groups were very small.

From the start the wind made itself known and did not let up.  I don't think we had a break from it, from head-on to any other direction it could come at us - it did.  Sandi was behind me at the beginning and then I lost her - I was on my own with a few riders in front and behind.  At least I was not going to be all alone the whole time.

And while I was out doing my thing.  My support team found trees.  Gotta love those guys. 

I really enjoyed the race even with the wind and when I smelt the finish line I pedalled hard.  Hubby even said I came in fast.  Told him it helps coming in on a downhill instead of an uphill. Hehehehehehe.

We waited for Sandi and then headed off for some pancakes and refreshments while we waited for Harry to come in.

The good news is I improved on last years time :

2010 :  2:23:42

2009 :  2:50:05

My next race is on the 10th October.  It is one of my favourites, Race for Victory.  Cannot wait...


Big Girl Slim said...

Nice! Well done!!

M Pax said...

Yeah for you! Wow, you impress me. Look forward to hearing about the next race.