Sunday, January 20, 2013


With the boys back at school and extra-murals in full swing, I find that on weekends I just want to put my feet up and not think.  This does not bode well for a photography business.  As it is - nearly all our weekends are booked into early March and none of them with clients.  Sigh!!

Last Sunday found us exploring Modderfontein and Pop's Soda Fountain.  The gentleman who owns the store is quite an interesting guy.  I'll say this - his Cherry Coke, Apple Pie Milkshake and everything else is pretty much, very YUMMY!!  He makes all his own syrups.

The boys found the Juke Box fascinating and really had fun with the Pin Ball machine - went through a few coins there.  LOL

This weekend it has been overcast and raining on and off.  We've pretty much been home bodies, not venturing to far.  Hubby spent Saturday trying something else with the car - hopefully we have fixed it or fixed it close enough.  I'm ready to put a match to her - I LOVE my car, but hate the stress.  Bring on the Lotto.  It would help if we played it more regularly.  LOL

Today has been a bit of tidying up, cooking Koeksisters (pure evil) and not good at all for any diet.  Now it's time for the lasagne to cook and snuggle under a blanket.  Cannot believe we were in the middle of a heat wave a week or so ago.

Hope you had a fab weekend and a GREAT week ahead.

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