Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back to school

It's day 2 of being back to school.

I've cried, I've laughed and I've wanted to SCREAM!!

The school part has actually been the easiest.  Josh is happy with his Gr 3 teacher - GOOD NEWS for me.  Hopefully less yelling at teachers and the school in general.  Brad is Gr 6 and so far things are looking good, we're just trying to track down his Academic Bar and Scroll for his blazer - he worked hard for them.

We're currently suffering from a bit of a heat wave here.  Not as bad as Australia's but bad enough that it has me uncomfortable and finding more reason to lose this weight.  We won't talk about the photo that was taken of me in Swaziland that has me wanting to run for the hills.

And the cherry of top of all that could go wrong.  My car is giving me grief again and yep, once again leaving my mechanic clueless and me stressing.  We need to get out of this hole.  

I'm also at a loss as to what direction my photography should go in and it is always a constant nag at the back of my brain.  I'm guessing the heat is not helping.

But right now the only solution  is to give the universe the finger and shout 'SCREW YOU'.