Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcoming 2013

The plan was to get an early night on the 31st but the neighborhood turned into a 'Fireworks' war zone as we neared midnight and until way after.  Needless to say but I lost my cool with a few neighbors and the transition into the New Year at midnight was not a happy one.  Our poor dogs were beside themselves.

We were up early on the 1st, as we had a picnic to pack for.  The plan - to take the boys fishing.  It was so much fun and the best part - relaxing.  Well, when I wasn't worrying about getting fishing hooks in ears, toes and fingers.  By the end of the day, I was even baiting hooks.

Josh, Matt (my nephew) and Brad keen to get fishing.

Ant (clueless dad when it comes to fishing) helping Josh.

My nephew

My niece - proving girls can do it too!!

The boys caught fish.

Brad caught a trout which we had to keep.  It cost us R30 (not too bad).  They cleaned it for us and Brad then cooked it on the braai (barbecue) the next evening.  Yummy!!

Josh caught a teeny lil' fish which was returned to the dam.

It was a beautiful day out.  It was cooking (we have had some really hot weather) and we were all quite grateful for the clouds that were about.  A storm threatened but gave the area a miss.

Our dessert.  I've discovered I love making Pavlova - so yummy!!  These were fist sized.

We got to sit under trees, chill, read books and spend time with the kids fishing.  My sister and I have decided we like the idea of fishing as well and we're keen to get some rods for ourselves.  I would love a fly fishing rod but got the feeling that they don't come cheap.  I shall be investigating.  

My sister trying her hand at this fishing thing.

It is so beautiful, this spot we found for fishing - Brookwood Trout Farm - that we have promised ourselves that we will try to go once a month.  I hope we can get it right.  I'd love to go early one morning to see what shots I can get with the camera.

It is back to school tomorrow.  The boys are enjoying the last day chilling at home.  I'm dreading the homework wars - OUCH!!  Hoping this year will be easier.

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