Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today I ventured to the gym again, I needed to swipe my card, a rather important task when you're trying to keep your gym membership active and then, stepping on the scale to see if I have made any progress in the weight loss department, since I last stepped on the scale.

Yes, doing the happy dance here.  I've lost about 2.5 kg's.  So happy!!  I am really trying to avoid the Diet industry and rather opting to make lifestyle changes.   I'm not feeling pressure - I like this.  I recall a time when I was stepping on a scale everyday and getting frustrated and angry.  Some days are better than others and I'm really happy.

Last weekend we went fishing again.  Our family group was much larger and keeps growing as other family members decide to join in the fun.

Not much fishing was done but my cousin, Gayle, did manage to catch one teeny weeny one which was released back.

The Family

The only catch for the day

My oldest and his cousin enjoy some time fishing.  They really had fun this time around.

Tomorrow I am off to watch a little bit of cricket.  Josh, my youngest has been chosen to play at a mini cricket festival taking place during lunch of the 1st Test between South Africa and Pakistan.  He is so excited.  I wonder if we will meet a cricketer or two.

I have so much more to tell you.  Homework wars, teachers and busy schedules...we're never bored here.   LOL

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