Monday, February 22, 2010

Dischem Ride 4 Sight - Vita-thion 63km Challenge (completed)

At the start line....

This photo was taken just before my 07:51am start.  As guessed, the ride was going to be a scorcher.  Not only did hubby forget my breakfast and banana but I forgot the sunblock.  Yikes!!  Thankfully we had packed lunch and muffins that were suitable for a quick breakfast and fortunately the organisers had arranged for some young girls to walk around promoting Piz Buin Suncare products.  I got a good spray on my legs and arms and then got a sample sachet that I used for my face and other parts that I thought could do with some extra.  I am so glad they were there otherwise I would have finished the race a tad bit crispier.

I ended up cycling mostly on my own this whole race.  Their were 100's of other cyclists but none that I knew so I tend to stick to my own.  One of hubby's friends passed me and told hubby today at work that I need to start riding with other cyclists.  I know there are benefits - I'm just not sure I can stick with total strangers.  Guess there is always a first time.

Near the end I did pace myself with a couple on a Tandem but lost them after I made a quick stop to let hubby know that I wasn't to far from the finish.

A fairly flat race with loads of pedalling to be done.  I was out longer than I had guess-ti-mated but still did a good time.  My official time was 3:05:23  

My 'positive frame of mind' was not with me on this one.  It was a constant battle - part of me going 'you're just to fat, you should lose more weight' and another going 'you can do this'.  **sigh**  How we love to sabotage ourselves.

The nice thing about this race was that it was downhill for the last 2km's for the finish.  Thank heavens.....small things to be grateful for.

I crossed the finish line and was told they had ran out of medals - my heart was broken.  We'll see if they eventually send me one. 

Bonus :  They had a huge tent with physiotherapists who are in training.  So these legs got a cool massage.  Woohoooo!!

My racing season is calming down with only a few more races before winter sets in.

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