Monday, February 22, 2010

My next Challenge!!

My exciting news...............

more info can be found here :  Kremetart Cycle Challenge

Nothing like a challenge - RIGHT!!

This one appeals to me.  It is a challenge.  A HUGE one for me.  The thing is I'll have to drop some weight.  If I am over my plateau and I am confident I have waved goodbye to it then I should be fine.  Here's crossing fingers :-))

One of the reasons :

I'll get to see lots of these on the route. 

In planning, I need to do the following :

*  Lose 12 - 15 kg's (26.45 - 33 Lbs) in the next 3 months (3 - 5 kg loss a month)
*  Increase my speed to an average of at least 26 kmph
*  Improve on my endurance levels
*  Time in the saddle

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antgirl said...

Kremetart made me think of donuts. LOL How much better that it's something good for you!