Sunday, November 22, 2009

It was sinful, it was evil but OH was it YUMMY!!

Getting back on track today was not a problem and I'm back on plan!! woohoooo... It took a few days but hey - I'm loving me!! It was a bad week as far as sticking to plan goes - I could give a million and zillion excuses like the weather (we had winter days - brrrrrrrrr), or not planning properly or, or, or..... I found myself in a bit of a hole. For months I had been working, training and planning for the 94.7, it was my main focus. Big Mistake!! Come Monday I was 'well what now' and feeling lost and directionless!! By Wednesday I was kicking myself thinking if only I had pushed myself further I could have finished the race...if only, if only, if only. Not good either!! By Friday I had found my next big race but with a promise to approach it differently and not make it my one and only point of focus. But I have set a goal for myself. I want to be 10kg's lighter - I know if I am strict with myself this goal is achievable. I have missed gym and I'll be heading back and focusing again on some strength training, yoga and rowing. I'm also hoping my schedule will allow some Belly Dancing once a week. Zumba, sadly is not what it used to be - only in SA could the instructors lose the plot and ruin it. The weather has cleared up and hopefully summer has returned - I'm sure we'll be groaning about the heat soon enough. My body is healing - less aches and pains - yoga really helped on Friday but it was also a gentle reminder that I need to stretch and far more regularly. I have not been good with that and with all my cycling it needs to be priority. This week I'll be back on my bike - yippeeeeee!! Have a super week everyone!! Hugs Mich

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