Friday, October 2, 2009

Race for Victory - this weekend's race (Sunday)

This Sunday's race is 54 km's (33.55 miles) long. It is also thankfully alot closer to home this time around. As I have my no., chip and everything else means we do not have to be there at the crack of dawn - yippeeee!! Those early mornings, especially the 4am wake-up calls can be hell.
This race had a little goodie bag. We got a t-shirt and some samples - almost all repeats of the last goodie bag. I'm collecting toothpaste here - great for camping and travelling. :-))

Here's my number. I'm in the middle batch and not right at the back. Will I end up riding all by lonesome again? Who knows?? Thankfully it doesn't bother me that much. I'm sticking to the gels that I have used for all my races: Enervit Sports Gel: Enervit Sports Gel I have also bought the new Energade Sports Jellies - I snacked on these in the last race with no ill effects.

For after the race I got myself some Antistax Leg Cooling Spray : Antistax Hoping it will refresh the legs after the long ride. :-)

I also got a little jar of this badger balm (sore muscle rub). Now to convince hubby to rub it in for me. :-) I like this product as it is Certified Organic - it's costly but I'm hoping well worth it. :-))

When I collected my number they also handed me why timing chip - woohoo - so once again I will have an official time. If some of you are wondering why I bother with a timing chip, I like it because I can keep track of what I am doing and how I am doing.

It has not been a great week training wise. I only managed to make it to the track once this week with everything going on. Tonight we are going to Yoga - I'll take it easy and I'm looking forward to a good stretch.

Well, I just got a call to say my gloves have arrived, as well as an extra bag for my bike. I've taken to calling myself 'Puncture Girl' - I want to be in a position to carry more than one extra tube with me - especially on long-ish distances. I'd better be off.

Have a super weekend - keep active.


Mich Puncture Girl

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Hanlie said...

Good luck! It's weird that they keep on giving out toothpaste...