Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No! Serious!!

The dietician was a *flop* of note!!

While trying to get this post written, life happens!! On Tuesday my car packed in on me. *sad face* We had to have her towed to our mechanic and sadly the news was not good at all. The engine needs to be replaced. *NOT good NEWS* **Sigh** but somehow we must move on. Thankfully my parents have a spare car at the moment and they have loaned it to us - so it gives us a bit of a breather so that we can sort out mine. I am going to look at selling some of my lampwork equipment and hang on to the bare necessities so that I can continue with lampwork when I'm ready.

Anyway enough about that....back to the dietician!! As I said, a total flop and yes, she offered nothing really new to help me out. Where I wanted a diet/meal plan to support my cycling and other workouts - she became obsessed with the 'losing weight' bit. I came home with a very basic meal plan (it was not personalised except for a few thrown in bits about eating a slice of wholewheat bread with honey before/after a race. All the information she gave me about hydration & snacks while racing & endurance training - I already knew. If anything, the supplements I take are better than the ones she suggested. I was shocked!!

One of my biggest concerns is that this *meal plan* given to me has no calorie value - it does not state how many calories I should be taking in on a daily basis and what to do on days when I burn 1700 odd in a race I have just completed. When I queried this I got this answer :

"What I can say is that I (and many other dieticians) do not work on daily required calorie intake right from the beginning as the restrictions are too big."

Why would the restrictions be to big? Surely a personalised meal plan would be designed to suite a clients needs and be as restrictive or not as restrictive depending on quantities etc. I'm at a loss. Am I over thinking this?

I tried to explain that where possible we avoid products with artificial sweeteners, processed foods etc. etc. It all seemed to go straight over her head, because their printed on my 'so called personalised meal plan' was processed meats.

I need to believe in myself. I need to realise that sometimes I do have the answers within me - and to run with it. All the blogs I follow and read have a wealth of information and by playing around with that info I will find the perfect fit for me.

It also doesn't mean that because the dietician you are going to see is based in a Sports Medicine Clinic doesn't nessecarily mean that she knows alot. This dietician didn't see someone who enjoyed cycling, is pretty active, enjoys gym - she just saw someone who was fat -she couldn't see the progress I had made. So we learn.

Today I can hopefully get Sunday's race no. At least then I will be all prepared and we won't have to get up and some ridiculous hour to get to the race.

Keep strong...



MB said...

Sometimes we actually know what is best for us more than the so-called "professionals" who don't see the individual. You'll figure out what works best for you.

Hanlie said...

I've become thoroughly disenchanted with dietitians of late... so much of what they say or write is just wrong or outdated.

I recently read Brendan Brazier's book "Thrive" and was pleasantly surprised. He's a professional Iron Man athlete and has been fine-tuning his diet since the age of 15 to give him the maximum energy and endurance and the shortest recovery time. He really knows what he's talking about, so it might be worth your while to check him out.

Connie Weiss said...

What a bummer! I hope you didn't pay for her services!

You are doing great and the fact that you are continuing to learn says it all!

Cynthia Cyfert said...

Hiya! I can't find anymore blots from you.. did you complete the 94.7??