Thursday, June 18, 2009

Try something new....

Trying something new generally strikes 'fear' into me. In attempts to try and vary our evening meals I decided to give a recipe that I found in the June issue of The Shape magazine a try - Crunchy Bulgur Wheat Salad.
I've never tried Bulgur wheat before nor have I cooked it and last night was going to be a night of firsts. With loads of 'you can do this' talks to myself, I bravely stepped into the kitchen with my packet of Bulgur Wheat (no problems finding it in our local shops - shoooooo) I got going - now my boys realising a new recipe was being attempted left me alone to my own devices in the kitchen. I tend to get stressed, panicky, and could potentially end up screaming blue wonder they don't brave the kitchen on experimental dishes. LOL
I have no clue what Bulgar wheat should like once cooked or how it should taste - so I think I put my bravest foot forward on this one and just went for it. I got the Bulgur Wheat on the go, the veggies roasting in the oven and the chicken breast grilling. Then put it all together and all I can say is 'WoW!!" The taste buds didn't choke, no sudden urges to throw up or any those moments of wondering what the hell was in my mouth - just *ABSOLUTE TASTE BUDDING BLISS*
On this journey of mine to find the 'skinny me' within - I am opening myself up to a lot of new experiences and trying things I never ever thought I would. Thankfully I have been more pleasantly surprised than disappointed.
I am trying new ideas in the kitchen, change rooms are not as scary, I'm loving my gym workouts, I have a personal trainer who I adore, I'm addicted to Spinning and I look forward to the day I can actually get the bike I want.
So what are you up to today that makes you feel good...????

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Deb said...

Mich - have you never had Tabouli?

It's my favourite salad ever.... basically the original bulgur wheat salad! yum!