Friday, June 12, 2009

It takes planning and being prepared

When I think about it, this would be my greatest downfall - not planning meals properly and not being prepared. The meals that always go *south* are those that have not been planned or prepared for.
This week has most certainly had it's ups and downs and reflecting back on the meals that went *south* is because I had not thought them through. The meat/chicken was still frozen in the freezer, I hadn't bought the correct ingredients and/or if I thought I had something in the fridge chances are it was there to long and was not edible.
In refelction of this week, two nights ended up with take-aways. One night Pizza and another night KFC and boy did I not enjoy the KFC - hubby ended up eating mine. It just was not enjoyable. Lunch is easier if we are at gym as getting a salad or healthy wrap is easy.
We quite enjoy wraps but finding Low GI has been a problem until yesterday. Yesterday, I managed to get Low GI wraps from one retailer and also came across some Wholewheat ones - clearly I have been looking in all the wrong places.
To ultimately keep on track you need to do a couple of things:
* Plan - Your meals in advance (weekly works best in this household)
* Plan - Make that shopping list and get what you need.
* Prepared - Make sure you are on top of your meals that day (take what you need out of the freezer - thinking about it an hour before you need to prepare your meal won't help)
* Fresh - if you need to purchase it fresh, do it after you have had breakfast or lunch - shopping when you're hungry is a no-no and will lead a path to junk food.
* Packing healthy snacks when out and about is a good way to avoid buying junk as well.
My weak moment!! - we've had an extremely cold snap this week. We had a couple of days where it rained on top of it all. The last place I feel like being was in the kitchen. *smile* Looking back I learned something about me, next time I will be prepared.
Hugs, keep strong and PLAN, Plan, plan......


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

You are doing so good!!! I'm so proud of you.... be prepared... I gotta try that.

Hanlie said...

Hi, I just found you over at Tony's blog (theantijared) and thought I'd introduce myself.

Where do you buy wraps? I've looked all over, but can only find these halaal rotis, which is not what I'm looking for!

ShellyD said...

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog. It is so nice to meet fellow South African's.

To answer your question - Global Wraps sell their wraps for R4.00 each or R3.00 each when buying a packet of 10. They are low GI. Do you have Global Wraps in CT?? The other is a brand product available from P & P and Spars as well. It is the Old ElPaso brand - they have just brought out a Wholewheat pack of wraps/tortillas.

Chat soon.