Friday, June 19, 2009

Shrinking denims!! and other stuff.....

The ever shrinking denims!! I love it!! I live for it and thrive on it!! The change room is no longer a place to fear but a place where I get to prove to myself just how well I am doing.
My weekly dose of exercise:
3 X Personal Training sessions
3 X 45 min Spinning classes
1 X Zumba class
And how about trying this out - I think it is a cool idea:
Got to wonder how long a note would last at my gym and there is only one way to find out. ((grin))
It is Friday (TGIF!!) and my favourite local singer, Kurt Darren has released his English album today. Woohoooo!! Hubby had a good chuckle when I asked him if I could get it for him for Father's day which reminds me, I better take the boys to the shops to get Dad something. ((smile))
Have a super weekend!!!

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