Monday, December 31, 2012

Has it been a year and a half.....

Actually I think it's been longer.

Time does fly.  Can it slow down now.  It is scary to think how I can already be planning events way into 2013.  Eish!!  Can we just get through 2012. Ssshhhh, don't tell anyone, but I hit those 40's next year.

Remember all that weight I lost - it found me (sad face)!!

Hubby's remark after I bravely weighed myself at gym yesterday and I'm paraphrasing or whatever it is, but the good news is, he is still alive.  'At least you have a 2kg head start.'  Hmmmm, can I smack him.  Note, I was only visiting the gym to keep my membership active (naughty, naughty).  I cannot seem to put it in black and white what the scale said, needless to say it was 2 kg's less than the last time I decided I needed to lose this weight.  So I start again...

I had big dreams, very big dreams.  I was going to do a Duathlon (seeing as my swimming, is well, non existent...hehehehe).  I wanted to do Triathlons, well, if I could learn to swim properly that is.

So, I declare here and now that it is time to dust off those takkies (running shoes) and hit the tar.  I can do this, I have done it before and I can do it again.  My road bike is also feeling dusty and I'll need to dust her off as well.  The family did partake in a 40km ride race... (majority of the other people on bikes thought they were in a race and not a ride) it was mayhem and chaotic due to a circular route.  I quit after two 5km laps, Brad after 4 laps and Ant & Josh after 3.  Not too bad.  None of us got hurt - that was a bonus, considering all the mishaps that happened on the ride race itself.

As you can see it all back and this time it found my boobs breasts.  I suppose I should be grateful that the fat didn't find my waist, okay, some of it did, but I swear this time my 'you know whats' seem larger.  Urggggg!!

Once again coke (coca-cola) has found it's way onto the 'banned from the house' list.  It has been done before and can be done again.  So far we are doing good.  Peroni (some Italian beer), however, has made itself at home and in all honesty, I'm not quite ready to ban that one.

As for the 3 VIP guys in my life - thanking for putting up with me.  It's been a tough year, one I can happily say I am glad to see the back end of.  May homework be a breeze in 2013, may extra-murals keep us busy and may weekends be filled with family and fun.

Some of the family - love you all.  (just so we are clear, they are the pic above)

Some of my favorites from a recent trip to Mabalingwe.  That Chameleon thought I was nuts.  He did slow down for a second or two for me but then put foot.  He was having none of this paparazzi business.

Here's to adventure and 2013


Connie said...

I feel like I am constantly starting over!

Here's to making permanent changes in 2013!!

Chris H said...