Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The 94.7 Cycle Challenge is almost upon us

It's about time I caught up on this blog.  Forgive me for being absent for so long.

Firstly, I should let you know that I finished the Jacaranda Satellite Classic (94 km's) in 5h25 - Woohoooo for me!!

It was a toughie especially the second half, so much for it being downhill to the finish.  Not everyones version of downhill or flat is the same.  This is something I have to remind myself of constantly. 

The good news is that I cycled all the way up Hekpoort.  No walking for me.  Yippeeee!!  I did, however, stop in 3 places to catch my breath.  :-))

I had a rough start where I nearly quit the race.  Traffic was chaotic and between me trying to stick as far left as I could, motor vehicles galore and other cyclists squeezing between me and the cars, my nerves were shot.  Fortunately, we turned off the busy section and the road quietened down a lot.

Always happy at the start of a race

Coming up to the finish line.  It felt like forever - thankfully I had a friend encouraging me along on the side

I'm not sure if that is a smile or a grimace from pain. hehehehehe
I was in the last 10 timed cyclists to come in.  Let me tell you - I was just happy to finish. 

I am confident that I will have a great race this coming Sunday and that I will finish.

To everyone who has supported me, a HUGE big THANK YOU!!


Big Girl Slim said...

Wow! HUGE grats on finishing this race! And a huge good luck for Sunday :D

Connie said...

Great job! You look happy in that picture!

Hanlie said...

Good job, Michelle! You are always an inspiration!