Monday, February 15, 2010

Exercise Plan : 15 February - 21 February 2010

Monday :  Rest day / major housework
Tuesday :  Yoga, strength training, Zumba
Wednesday :  Kettlebells (home), Belly Dancing (studio)
Thursday :  Strength training, cardio
Friday :  Belly dancing (home), Kettlebells (home), Yoga
Saturday :  Rest Day + Weigh-in day
Sunday :  Dischem Ride for Sight (63km) - cycle race

Experienced a major energy crash last week Wednesday/Thursday.  I am still upping my routine this week.  Last week I also only had a 0.2 kg loss.  NOT GOOD!!  I was extremely upset and spent most of Saturday morning in tears but more about that later.

Have a super week everyone.

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antgirl said...

Keep your chin up. Just keep doing healthy things. The body does what it does in it's own time. It will follow your lead. :)