Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The battle of the 'bathroom scale' wars.......

Valentines Day 2010 - Picnic @ the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

I've become obsessed with the bathroom scale and this is NOT good.  Not good for me or for anyone else.  Stepping on the scale a zillion times in a space of a few minutes is not going to change the number.  I promise you - I can attest to this fact.  Nor believing that you have magically grown wings to lift you a bit - is not going to happen.  How do I know this?  Because no matter how much I begged those wings to appear they did not!!

Not to long ago - a couple of weeks ago I did some something miraculous and lost 2 kg's (4.4 lbs if my calculations are correct) in one week.  There I was sky high - hey, do this every week and before I know it - poof - the weight will be gone.  Well, my body had other ideas - truly it did.  A slight gain followed, then teeny weeny losses and I just about lost it when I knew I had put my heart and soul into sticking to the plan and exercising to only have lost a solid *&%$# 200 grams.  My Spirit was broken....why, why, why???  That was it I was going to give up 'the habit' and throw that horrid piece of equipment in the bin - I was done with it.  BUT - I couldn't do it.  I'm way to attached to my bathroom scale, the gym scale and any other scale I can step my sticky paws onto.  Come Sunday - I'm feeling lighter.  Do I brave it?  I stare at the scale - wondering why the hell I'm doing this to myself and there it is :  I'd finally managed to drop below 90 kg's (198.41 pounds).  There is no accounting for what the body wants to do and WHEN it wants to do it - it just didn't want to do it on Weigh-IN DAY!!

From this week I've decided to cut out all carbs after 5pm (except on the day before a cycle race day). I am making more of an effort to be in bed by 20:30 - any later and I seem to fade quick the next day and it seems to have a snow ball effect.

This is a huge mile stone for me as I have not been under 90 kg's in the past 10 years.  I hope not to see the 90's at all ever again.

The next goal 85 kg's - I can do this!!


Hanlie said...

I've banished the scale from my life... My mind is just not on the numbers right now, but on how I'm feeling. Having said that, congratulations on getting below 90 kg! I haven't seen that weight in 15 years!

antgirl said...

You can do it!

What a beautiful picture! :)

I don't use a scale at all. Keeps me sane.

Diana Ferreira said...

I agree, what a beutiful picture of you and Ant! And a major congratulations on leaving the 90's behind!