Friday, February 19, 2010

Dischem Ride 4 Sight - Vita-thion 63km Challenge

Goodie Bag and Race Number

Another great goodie bag!!  I grabbed the 'Bar One' and hid it very quickly before the kids could find it.  Now to figure out how to take it on the race with me without it melting into an icky squishy melted chocolate mushy mess!!  Also got a socks - socks always come in handy as well as a bunch of samples of various stuff from tissues to soap.

I am in the first open/seeded bunch to go off.  Woohooooo!!  I'm looking forward to this race but have concerns.  It is taking place on the East Rand and boy those motorists did not prove themselves to be the most patient bunch the last race that took place in the general area.

Tomorrow will be a weigh-in day and odd jobs around the house.  Nothing major!!  Sunday 'up and at em' rather early.  Yikes!!  My start time is 07:51 so sunblock will be a MUST, I think it's going to be a scorcher.

Have a super weekend.  I'm silently praying for those wings and that the scale will be a bit kinder tomorrow.


Hanlie said...

Good luck!

antgirl said...

I send my wishes and luck with you!